A Unique Book with a Hands-On Guide to Starting Your First Restaurant

There are tons of books that tell you how to run a restaurant. Few specifically address the first-time startup owner. 

There are many challenges for new entrepreneurs. The book puts forth everything necessary to establish and secure a path to a successful startup. So, when it’s just you and your mind, all alone, trying to make it happen, it can be overwhelming. This book will help you through those challenges.

Starting Your First Restaurant is a “how to” guide and a “must” read for anyone contemplating opening any restaurant, in any location.

Some of the challenges entrepreneurs face include finding a location, creating a menu, purchasing equipment, understanding regulations, and designing an efficient establishment for both customers and employees. The book also includes valuable information regarding staffing your restaurant, finding suppliers with the best products and services, advertising and public relations, prices, profits, and so much more.

It is a practical, comprehensive, easy-to-read, organized, and laid out, “how to” self-help business book.

Most importantly it was written by someone who knows what you are going through. I know what it feels like to have a successful food business! I want you to experience that too!

It’s a small investment to make before using your life savings and or finding investors.

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