How To Choose A Money Making Restaurant Concept

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First things first, what is the restaurant concept? Basically, the restaurant concept is your business model; it explains how your restaurant works, its price structure, service level, menu, interior design, and ambiance. The concept may even be expressed through its location. The restaurant concept is a very important element in the development of your startup restaurant. There are four types … Read More

How To Build a Buzz and Hype Before You Open Your Restaurant!

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One factor that will determine whether your restaurant will be successful is how much buzz and hype you generate before your doors open. Before you start making decisions about where you want to focus your energy, carefully consider your target market. Who are they and how do they prefer to engage when eating at a restaurant. Your immediate customer base … Read More

Uniqueness Can Make Your Restaurant Successful

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Uniqueness Can Keep Customers Going Back To Certain Restaurants! A restaurant that is a tree house like Norwood’s in New Smyrna Beach, FL is certainly making people come back! In some cases, it’s delicious food; it can be the atmosphere and ambiance that create a uniqueness people can’t resist. Perhaps it’s the service or server, or the feeling of being … Read More

Is Your New Year’s Resolution To Be A Restaurant Entrepreneur?

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Is Your New Year’s Resolution To Be A Restaurant Entrepreneur? The start of a new year is traditionally a time to make a list of one or more new year’s resolutions. Typical resolutions are exercise, lose weight, quit smoking, eat better, travel, save more money, and the list goes on. If, however, your goal is to become an entrepreneur, a … Read More

If You Open A Restaurant Will They Come?

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  If You Open A Restaurant Will They Come? Everything you know from home entertaining or going to restaurants as a patron does not scale up to starting your restaurant and serving food. If you open a restaurant how do you get them to come? “After a well-executed restaurant grand opening, you may never have to spend a penny on … Read More

The Three Critical C’s of a Successful Restaurant Startup

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The Three Critical C’s Cuisine ~ Customer ~ Concept  Three things needed for success in your restaurant startup Cuisine, Customer and Concept! Cuisine – First thing to consider when planning your restaurant is your cuisine. Reviewing cuisines that are out there, and remain popular over decades can be a great place in guiding you to choose the right money-making cuisine. Cuisines that have … Read More

Develop Your Restaurant Concept The Heart Of Your Business

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      A Concept description in terms of a restaurant is the Business Model. Your concept lays out every aspect of the business. It’s the very heart of the business! At this time I’m sure you’ve decided on the cuisine you’ll be serving or at least have some ideas. If you’re still not sure, the best advice I can give you … Read More

The MEATBALL Shop Is Owned by Two Heros!

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Two Meatball Heros   The MEATBALL Shop Is Owned by Two Heros! “Meatballs are part of New York, but when we asked where you could get the best meatball hero, no place came to mind. We thought we could have the best meatball hero.”- Chernow and Holzman Meatballs are considered comfort food and never go out of style! The ingredients may vary … Read More

Once A Restaurateur Now A Business Banker Speaks Outside The Box

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Pat Walsh Once A Restaurateur Now A Business Banker Speaks Outside The Box Do not plan on traditional banks to finance your project, even with the best-written business plan. Getting a loan for a startup restaurant is difficult if not impossible through traditional banking channels. You need a well thought out and written business plan just the same. Most banks … Read More