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I’m Jeannette Goldman – Entrepreneur * Chef * Consultant

As a Restaurant Coach and Entrepreneur I work with those who have an entrepreneur’s heart and a business idea but have no concept of where to start.

I help people open their own businesses and coach them through the processes.

I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur and an action taker.

If you want to be a restaurant owner you must act, or your dream will never have a chance of becoming a reality.

How you take your dream, put it into action, and turn it into a reality can often seem out of reach.

Starting a business is overwhelming!

It’s not something anyone should take on alone, I speak from experience.

I have owned restaurants, catering facilities, music retail, and entertainment media companies.

It’s obvious I come from an eclectic entrepreneur background of business experiences.

Experiences good and bad have given me the knack for starting and creating businesses that draw people in.

I know what needs to be done but most important I know the startup phase for any business is the most critical.

If you don’t start strong you can’t stay strong!

I got excited about starting my first Café and catering business I absorbed as much as I could and as fast as I could. I didn’t realize that it would take more than passion and talent. I will admit I was overconfident in my ability to start a restaurant from scratch. I made many mistakes along my way to success.

Eventually, I did feel the joy of victory; it just took some difficult setbacks and financial losses to learn how to avoid those mistakes.

Now my goal and passion now are to prevent future food industry owners from experiencing those setbacks many first-time owners endure.

I love working with ambitious achievers and helping them meet the outcomes that will bring them success and fulfillment, in the industry.

Starting a restaurant is an exciting time, but owning any business is a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows.

To navigate the rough waters, you need guidance.

Oftentimes, a lot of entrepreneurs start their restaurants blindly and try to learn as they go along.

I believe that is one of the main reasons there is such a high fatality rate in the restaurant industry!

Start Your Restaurant Business has become another dream come true for me!

My goal is to share my effective strategies and resources that you can use to start and grow your restaurant.

The startup phase is the most important; it is the birth of your dream come true!

Get started TODAY!

“The Greatest Impact a Person Can Have Is Helping Others Make Their Entrepreneur Dream Come True!”

I thought I would share with you a testimonial from a former business partner of mine.

“As a former foodservice sales rep for Sysco Foods and Kraft Wholesale division, I had the opportunity to work with Jeannette as she was a manager that also purchased inventory for the restaurants she worked for over her career. Which was a position held mostly by men back then? I was impressed with her hard work and enthusiasm and knew this was a chef that could be an asset to almost any foodservice establishment. In fact, at one point when I knew she was ready for a change, I approached her about another customer of mine that really needed help establishing a lunch business for an Italian deli that had just rented the unit next to their deli that was sitting empty for the most part. I made the introduction, they clicked and the cafe’s lunch business was rocking within months.

Ultimately Jeannette and I opened Corporate Catering together started from “four walls and a floor” and we sold the business for cash at a profit 5 years later. This person knows her business.

Former partner Pat Walsh – Bank United -727-295-5121

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I was thrilled with the results and above all, I loved the personal service I received and the timely manner in which they responded.

Mark Byrne, Winking Derby

Jeannette not only helped me through my startup, she listened to me and helped build the confidence I needed to do and think like an owner.

Donna L Antonsson, Picnics Cafe And Catering, LLC

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