Current Client Located in Houston Texas

Andrea “Andy” Kuchinski

Jeannette, I’m working on securing my partner and securing our location.

Found a sub shop that is selling their assets and transferring the lease.

So anyway. I think we might have a shop here in the next few months!

It’s all because of you!!!!!

I began working with Andy in March 2021 and she purchased my Seven-Step Restaurant Startup Plan shortly after.

Our first conversation came after she sent me an email.

Hi Jeannette! I came across your website, start your restaurant business while googling information on starting a sub shop. I have, what I think, is a good idea, and frankly, I don’t know where to start (when it comes to this industry). I’m going to reach out to you on your website as well.

She had the passion and drive but as she stated in our first email contact “I don’t know where to start”!

Our business relations ship began after our FREE 45- minute consultation.

Andy always had great questions, which showed me just how serious she was about starting her own sub shop. She had a lot of decisions to make, and I was there for her to reach out to.

As she began her research and utilized my Seven Step Success Plan, I was able to stop her from making mistakes that new entrepreneurs make in the food industry.

As we went through the plan, she began to see all that she must do to make the commitment to herself and the startup.

So, 8 months later Andy is going for it, quitting her day job to pursue being her own boss.

I couldn’t be happier!

It especially made me gush with pride and excitement when she said it’s all because of you!!!!!

It’s all possible because she made the decision to reach out and educate herself on how to start a restaurant!

Running a successful restaurant begins with starting strong and Andy knows that now!!!

I’ll keep my followers updated as Andy gets closer to Opening Day.

John Landon, Bonita Springs, Florida Restaurant Management and Baker

I was hired as the General Manager of an established bar/restaurant by a struggling Owner that had started a bar as a “retirement business” many years ago and eventually found himself in a much different and competitive environment that had evolved.

From the beginning, it was clear that “The Cafe” had many challenges and no “systems” or controls, but it also had positive attributes that were not recognized or exploited. It needed a lot of expertise and attention to daily operations and staffing and an overall revamp.

After enlisting Jeannette Goldman to help me with this endeavor, I was able to use analytical tools and procedures to correct problems, increase productivity, eliminate costly issues and more.

Jeannette made recommendations to streamline the theme and align the menu to convey a certain atmosphere to attract more business and newer clientele.

Armed with the new knowledge, accountability and sales increased quickly!

The market strategy Jeannette helped to implement was very successful and proved to appease the existing “regulars” in addition to providing a welcoming addition of new customers. I have been in the Hospitality business my entire career – yet working with Jeannette opened my eyes and awareness so much that I was able to implement and execute a workable strategy to bring the restaurant to new levels of success.


John Landon, Bonita Springs, Florida


I first worked with Jeannette when she and Pat Walsh owned Corporate Catering. I was going through many life and career changes including leaving my teaching career. They hired me with no experience in the business. Jeannette and Pat really helped me through the process of all this change and Jeannette taught me the culinary skills to run and work in a professional industrial kitchen.

When I decided to become a food business owner, I immediately called upon Jeannette to mentor me once again in starting Picnic’s Cafe.

Jeannette provided so much more than just the traditional business mentoring and I can’t thank her enough for having such a positive impact on my business. In less than one year, she assisted me in the startup and the structure of my café and catering facility. I never expected to achieve so much in such a short space of time. Jeannette has real business insight, and her own experience enables her to really get involved and give practical help.

 For almost 4 months Jeannette helped me implement all the procedures necessary to open the doors legally and professionally. She helped me from finding the café’s location, teaching me how to communicate with food services reps, interview employees, to negotiating my lease, creating and costing out the menu, designing and creating recipes, and giving advice for equipment and anything else, I needed her assistance and guidance.

I went to Jeannette seeking direction and focus! Jeannette not only helped me through my startup, but she also listened to me and helped build the confidence I needed to do and think like an owner. She really pointed me in the right direction from the beginning of my career in the industry to being an owner in the industry as well.

As a result, I have had the opportunity to own Picnics for three years and am able to sell the business to pursue other opportunities in North Carolina.

Since 2010, Picnics Cafe And Catering, LLC has been providing Breakfast, Lunches and Catering to the Tampa business community




I’ve been a professional magician for over thirty years and have traveled around the globe bringing my unique type of comedy magic to stages everywhere.

I contacted startyourrestaurantbusiness.com after meeting Jeannette Goldman during a network meeting in St. Petersburg Fl.

Several years ago, I had a professional business plan written for a Magic-themed restaurant concept I had created. Unfortunately, life and putting two kids through college took priority so I put the restaurant idea and the plan on the back burner until recently: I’ve been revisiting the idea of starting the Magic restaurant again!

When I shared my idea with Jeannette, I was thinking about starting a go fund page.

She suggested before doing so I should have my original business plan reviewed and updated.

Meeting Jeannette made me feel like the stars were aligning. She came highly recommended through the network organization we were members of.

Jeannette brought to my attention how much today’s business climate has changed dramatically since the 90’s when my original plan was created.

People scan more than ever before she declared, you must grab your reader’s attention right out of the shoot and showed me how to do this.

She explained certain buzzwords, numbers, and most importantly to be clear and to the point, pages and pages filled with unnecessary jargon will not work in your favor.

I was pleased with the results and above all, impressed with the personal service I received and how quickly she responded with an updated and new, and improved business plan.

The review was comprehensive and thorough, because of that, I was able to navigate finances, develop growth, produce employee-hiring strategies, and research my target markets accurately.

I thoroughly recommend startyourrestaurantbusiness.com