From my experience as a successful restaurant owner, I know the necessary steps to increase your chance of succeeding in a challenging industry!

The Most Useful Time To Seek Professional Restaurant Advice Is Before Starting!

Launching a restaurant is one of the most overwhelming challenges you can take on as an entrepreneur.

It can be fulfilling and lucrative, or it can turn into a nightmare!!!

Unfortunately, 60% of restaurant startups fail in the first year!

When I decided to be a restaurant entrepreneur, I didn’t realize that it would take more than passion and talent. 

I was overconfident in my ability to start a restaurant from scratch and made many mistakes along my way to success.

I know the critical steps that can help you avoid typical mistakes that most startups make.

 Be A Restaurant Success Story And Not Just Another Fatality.

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Are You a Chef or Sous Chef Wanting to Own a Restaurant?

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Are You an experienced Restaurant Manager, Bartender or Waitperson wanting to own one?

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Want to Start a Restaurant But Have No Previous Experience!

No matter who you are and what your background you can not start a restaurant without doing the most important steps during your startup. In today’s competitive paced business world you need to know the vital steps in starting one and how doing those steps can help in running a long term successful restaurant!

If your dream is to start a restaurant, gaining knowledge and being educated by those who have experienced being successful at it, is the best way to turn that dream into a reality!

Let Start Your Restaurant Business Show You How!

It's not as easy as finding a location, creating a menu, hiring staff, cooking food and opening the doors!

There is so much involved in starting a restaurant; it’s easy to lose focus unless guided. Before you spend your life savings or borrow money please purchase the Three C’s Startup Success Formula.

This minimal investment of $19.97 will help you avoid startup growing pains that usually hinder first-time entrepreneurs but even more importantly help you avoid the possibility of failure.

Inside this E-Book, I cover THREE critical tasks that must be done to secure any chance of succeeding.

If you're hungry for knowledge and resources on how to start a successful restaurant you may want to check out my Success Plan E-course!

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What We Offer
Restaurant Startup Clients


Over Two Decades of experience in the industry as an owner, manager and  onsultant. The experience I have as business owners is instrumental in preventing my clients from making the critical mistakes often made during the restaurant startup phase.

Resources and Tools

I offer resources that assist you in planning, starting, and growing your restaurant business with confidence! Your startup begins with sitting down and developing a plan to open your restaurant.  I have put together how-to-get-started resources; they contain key elements you need to implement to assure a successful restaurant opening plan.

Complete Honest Advice

My genuine perspective of “telling it like it is” sets me apart from other consultants. You get HONEST feedback no personal agendas or blinders that entrepreneurs will encounter when seeking advice from others. I want you to spend your hard-earned savings and precious time on becoming a successful restaurant owner.   I want your restaurant to be a success because my reputation depends on it.