No matter how your, family, friends or co-workers try to talk you out of it, you can’t imagine NOT opening one.

I know exactly how you feel!

I have started and owned successful food service establishments. As the president of Start Your Restaurant Business I can dramatically improve the odds of turning your restaurant dream into a reality.

It all begins during your startup phase...


Are you a Chef, Sous Chef or Line Cook wanting to own a restaurant? Many "back of the house" (kitchen staff) dream of opening a restaurant. I was one of those kitchen employees that had that very dream.

I'm proud to say I was able to turn my dream into a reality and I can show you how!

If you have honed your culinary skills and paid your dues, learned every kitchen job, know the challenges, each employee face and tired of making others money and want to do it for yourself,  I know exactly how you feel.

Are you an experienced restaurant manager wanting to own one?

As a restaurant manager, you have monitored food quality, responded to customer complaints and problems, overseen food preparation made sure the restaurant has been stocked and prepped with food and other items, guided employees, dealt with the restaurant’s bookkeeping, and upheld health and safety standards.

 You’ve been a manager long enough to run as good or even better restaurant of your own and are ready to make that move.

Research firms a found that many restaurant employees would like to own a restaurant someday in the United States.

Do you want to invest in a restaurant?

I meet many professional people in my travels that think about investing in restaurants.

The restaurant industry is very attractive and some say it's considered a sexy business. 

I don't believe the restaurant industry is riskier than any other industry.

The relationship between those with capital and those with ideas and operational skills is a delicate balance without a doubt. But, if you attain the knowledge, do the research and understand the vital tasks you must do during the startup and the running of a restaurant, you will be able to determine if the investment is or isn't a risk.

Do You Dream About Owning A Restaurant?

Whether you are a Chef, Line Cook, Restaurant Manager, or Investor dreaming of opening a restaurant making the right decisions during your startup is an absolute must in today’s rapid and competitive paced restaurant business world.

You’re excited; you have ideas; you’ve been dreaming about starting your restaurant for a while and can’t wait to make it happen.

Starting a restaurant is most likely something you have had no experience doing.

It's rare while working at a restaurant, you'll learn how to start one.

Maybe you’ve worked in a new restaurant, got in on the ground floor, that may feel like a startup. But, so much has been done prior to you getting hired. It's not as simple as hiring staff, cooking food and opening the doors!

Understanding the proper steps of the process and what to do at each one, is unquestionable, the key to success.

I know all the startup steps you need to do!

I’ve done them and have had successful food establishments following them. Now I'm teaching others to do the same.

Below is my E-course that will take through those steps necessary to start a successful restaurant.

My resources, advice, and website will help with what you don’t know about starting a successful restaurant.

Knowing all the right things to do at the beginning of any startup is imperative.

My site offers resources and courses to help you cut through the confusion and turn your dream into a reality!

What We Offer
Restaurant Startup Clients


Our team has a combined 45 years of experience in the industry as owners, managers and food sale consultants. We bring hands-on and consulting expertise. The experience we have as businesses owners is instrumental in preventing our clients from making the critical mistakes often made during the restaurant startup phase.

Resources and Tools

We offer resources that assist you in planning, starting, and growing your restaurant business with confidence! Your startup begins with sitting down and developing a plan to open your restaurant.  I have put together how-to-get-started resources; they contain key elements you need to implement to assure a successful restaurant opening plan.

Complete Honest Advice

Our genuine perspective of “telling it like it is” sets us apart from other consultants. You get HONEST feedback no personal agendas or blinders that entrepreneurs will encounter when seeking advice from others. We want you to spend your hard-earned savings and precious time on becoming a successful restaurant owner.   We want your restaurant to be a success because our reputation depends on it.