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How To Start Your First Restaurant

Unfortunately, most people are going to tell you that you’re making a mistake.

You begin to think your friends or family are right, which makes you feel even worse.

You feel like you’re an idiot to dream you could do it!

This unfortunately is where most entrepreneurial dreams die.

Once you hit a few roadblocks, without support and advice, it’s game over.

Back to the job. Back to the grind. You’re trapped for life.

These feelings and challenges are natural and part of the process.

This scenario is something we all face.

Believe me, I have lost track of the number of times I’ve thought about giving up, especially during the early years.

Let’s Be Real You’ve Never Done It Before!

But I’m Here To Tell You Can!

There is a real possibility that you can make money from owning a restaurant.

Everything you need to do and know to be successful; I will share with you!

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How To Start Your First Restaurant

There are vital steps that MUST be done.

A CHRONOLOGICAL order and a sequence of steps to complete before opening your doors.

If you don’t do them, you are most likely going to be overwhelmed.

But you are also setting yourself up for failure without realizing it.

Avoid feeling overwhelmed!

Avoid failure!

When you are prepared you will know what to do when the unpredictable happens.

There are plenty of books that tell you how to run a restaurant.

But very few specifically address the startup phase for a first-time owner.

Whether you’re looking to break into the restaurant business, work in the industry or want to start one, you’ve found the right place…

Digital Book Coming Soon

It’s a success plan, it’s a book – it’s a complete guide on what you must do during the startup phase.

I teach you how to avoid mistakes and what needs to be done to become a successful owner.

I cover legal responsibilities, finding the location, and creating menus.

You will learn how to get the best prices on equipment and product inventory.

The knowledge you will come away with after reading this book many would not ever share.

The One-on-One 7-Step Coaching Plan

“The One-on-One 7- Step Coaching Plan” Oftentimes, a lot of entrepreneurs start their first restaurants blindly and try to learn as they go along.

If you want to leverage your success and not waste precious time and money, you need to think about the help of a restaurant coach with a plan.

My plan is the natural next step after reading my book if you are sure, you are ready to start your first restaurant.

The plan provides that opportunity to dive deeper into how to start your first restaurant.

I help you implement the steps along the way and provide the kind of interaction that you can’t get in a book.

When you are prepared you will know what to do when the unpredictable happens.

This service combines the Success Plan along with my Coaching Service.

To learn more about the plan and to purchase it.

Success happens in a business when you do ALL the necessary steps during the STARTUP PHASE.

There are many challenges for new entrepreneurs.

So, when it’s just you and your mind, all alone, trying to make it happen it can be overwhelming.

The resources and services I offer will help you through those challenges.

I share advice and experience to help you secure a path to a successful startup.

For ¾ of my working career I’ve been in my own business.

It has been and continues to be the most rewarding life experience.

A dream come true in life and career!


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So how can first-time restaurant owners overcome challenges without having years of experience under their belt?

By learning from someone who has been in their shoes and has proven it can be done!

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