“The Only Source of Knowledge is Experience” Albert Einstein

Get Expert Consulting Advice from a Proven Successful Restaurant Owner

I have a deep understanding of the challenges startups face.

Let me help you start a thriving, profitable, and sustainable restaurant.

Without a guide to follow or a support system to rely on, it can often turn into failure.

As a restaurant startup consultant, I can indeed prevent you from experiencing failure.

Avoid making predictable mistakes when you surround yourself with experienced restauranteurs.


Book Now & Save Yourself Many Mistakes and Headaches

Do You Even Need a Consult NOW?

If you’re like me – you want – what you wanted yesterday!

You have a question, and you want answers – NOW.

YOU have a problem and need guidance – NOW.

And that list goes on and on.

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 But If You Have Time

 Why not dig into my book, How to Start Your First Restaurant?

Do the due diligence and learn how to do it right!

After you read my book, if there is anything you need help with, schedule an appointment.

You can choose 30-minute or 60 minutes sessions.

Consultation with Jeannette

30 minutes @ $150.00

A full hour with Jeannette

1 hour @ $200.00

Learning from others offers more value than you can imagine!

You don’t have to do this alone!

What I Do As Your Consultant

~I provide insight, practical advice, and actionable steps.

~Share specific knowledge across a wide range of startup topics. 

~Identify strategies to get your startup through difficult times.

~Push you to focus on the root tasks and prioritize your time.

~Drive results to develop a functioning restaurant and team.

~I give honest and actionable feedback on your idea.

~I help you discover your concept, your target customer, and the correct location.

~I know first-hand experience building food businesses from scratch.

~I bring over two decades in running, starting, and selling food businesses.

Many startup failures are caused by making predictable and avoidable mistakes.

I know what it feels like to have a successful food business!

I want you to experience that too!


  • 30 minute session


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Jeannette Goldman

Frequently Asked Questions

My answer always is, “to know what it’s going to cost or what you will need to invest; you need to do your research.”

If you’re looking for a strategy or need help with a lingering issue, I can help you focus and create a solution.

(We do not share your data with anybody and only use it for its intended purpose)

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