There is no greater time than right now to begin to live your dream of owning a restaurant.

Your dream can finally come true if you put in the effort, make a reasonable plan and know what steps to put you on the path to success.

There will always be some bumps along the way, but if you learn from successful experienced owners, you’ll be even more likely to get what you’ve always wanted in the end.

Want to know how to make your dream of owning a restaurant come true?

The first thing you must do is turn your dream into a burning desire in your heart. That is exactly what I did.

The way to turn your dream into a burning desire is to believe that your restaurant dream is achievable!

Now it’s important to turn your burning desire into a goal, a goal that must be achieved.

I can help you take your dream of owning a restaurant, turn it into a reality by teaching you how I  achieved my goals of running successful food establishments.

No matter where you are at this very time in your career, I want you to know anything is possible if you believe in yourself. If you can make a commitment to doing, everything that’s necessary I know your dream of starting and running a restaurant can happen.

I got up one morning and decided to quit the job that I didn’t like as a dental technician, I bought a NEWSPAPER and started looking through the wanted ads in hopes of finding a new career and happier path into my future.

That very same day I saw an ad “Lynbrook Delicatessen” Catering and Deli cook needed no experience necessary, will train.



Being a cook didn’t sound too bad. I sure knew what great food tasted like growing up with an Italian Mom. The fact that experience wasn’t necessary, I enjoyed cooking and felt comfortable in the kitchen, I decided to apply for the job and they hired me on the spot.

I prefer to call that time in life a divine intervention instead of being at the end of my rope.


The confidence and experience I gained working there gave me the courage to apply for another job in a casual restaurant. I continued to hone my cooking skills not just still working in the deli/catering business but now I was working nights at a sit-down restaurant.

After several years of working in the industry from pizza places, catering companies, private clubs to white tablecloth restaurants working and learning alongside culinary grads to European chefs. I knew I wanted to own my own restaurant one day.

I made sure I got a hands-on feel for a variety of food establishments and would be able to make a confident decision on the restaurant concept I would be the happiest and most successful owning.

When you get to the point, when you know it’s time to make a change, whether it’s starting a business or changing careers finding the courage is always the hardest since there are no guarantees.

I guarantee if you utilize the FREE resources I offer at and take the E-line course I offer you will know if starting and owning a restaurant is right for YOU.


If it is you are one day closer to making your DREAM of owning a restaurant a REALITY!

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