Trying to be a cape crusader and do everything will most likely not help or save you from running yourself and your restaurant into the ground.


From chef to media marketer to accountant to refrigeration repairman, to employee therapist, etc

You can’t do everything and be everywhere at the same time.

I can speak from experience, my business partner and I waited too long before hiring our very first employee at Corporate Catering.

We slept on blow-up mattresses in our kitchen, enlisted the help of family members and prepped way into the wee hours of the morning before one of us would go home to shower and return to let the other do the same.

With eyes barely open to start the next day of business, we would get through it on whatever fumes we could muster up. I really don’t know how we did it as I look back on it now.

The desire to be successful and a burning passion is all I can say!


When we did finally hire someone it made such a difference in the personal time we had to ourselves and the amount of pressure that was lifted from our daily working hours in our business.


We were able to increase our delivery market range, hiring a second a driver, which allowed my partner to promote our business enabling her to use her real strength and skills. She had been our driver, salesperson, bookkeeper, and my assistant prep cook for almost a year and a half.

I maintained the kitchen, handled the phones, and dealt with walk-ins, placed inventory orders did dishes and cleaned the kitchen. When our day was over, we still had to get ready for the next day of business.

Don’t wait too long before hiring help; you can’t do it all!

You’ll stunt the growth of your business, disappoint and damage relationships with customers because you’ve become unable to keep up with business.

It’s a tough decision to relinquish responsibilities, but you can’t jeopardize all the work you put into getting it started and worse not allowing it to reach its strong potential.

It is after all your job to make sure you have the right number of people to keep your restaurant running smoothly.

Hiring our staff allowed us to become better owners and business partners, which eventually made it possible for us to sell the business at a very decent profit after five years.

Here Are 2 Common Clues You Need To Bring On More Employees:

->Revenue is above target, and you project it to continue; other than financially rewarding yourself and your employees, you wonder what to do with the increased revenue. Invest in growing it perhaps!


 You are seeing an opportunity for growth and expansion in your current customer base. New homes or apartments are going up, or office complexes are springing up, this might be a time to take a calculated risk to expand, and your current employees aren’t available to assume additional responsibilities.

->Employees are working very hard perhaps too hard, and they’re letting you know or complaining that they have too much on their plate to do. As the owner, your job is to find out if their complaints are legit. 

Employees claim they want to take on more tasks or spend additional time on current ones if only they had the time. You might need to reorganize and restructure roles and responsibilities to better deal with the workflow and hire additional help.

Hiring is a big step for any business.

Do your homework, consider the implications, and be ready so your restaurant can continue to be successful.

If you need help or advice on when to hire additional staff, my One-On-One Private Coaching calls can be of assistance.

One of the greatest things about a restaurant coach is you have an immediate team of two.

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