Will The Cafe Earn Its Weight In The Golden Girls Theme?

The soon to open Washington Heights Cafe theme is based on the famous, hilarious and forever popular show, The Golden Girls.

Rue La Rue Cafe

On 4396 Broadway, at the Sofia Storage Building

Owner Michael LaRue was a close friend of late actress Rue McClanahan, who played Blanche Devereaux,  on the famous Golden Girls.

The cafe’s decor has memorabilia that he inherited from McClanahan after her death in 2010.

“She was my best friend,” LaRue said during a recent Community Board 12 licensing committee meeting.

“When she died, I inherited all her personal belongings and show business memorabilia,” said LaRue, who was the executor of her estate and the administrator of her will.

LaRue said he also plans to have McClanahan’s piano in the cafe for live music.

“I believe I can turn this place into a mini-tourist hub in Washington Heights,” said LaRue, adding that “The Golden Girls” is currently syndicated in 50 countries around the world.

Let’s face it most people have several favorite restaurants, and many times they will compare the theme and atmosphere of restaurants to choose the one they feel in the mood for.

Many fans of the show will have no problem being in the mood for stopping by to munch on food and enjoy the memorabilia of an iconic sitcom that made us laugh till we cried.

A themed restaurant is fun and exciting!

I can see this cafe doing very well since it already has a following indirectly. The fan base who watches the Golden Girls are not just old folks!

It may be the next best thing to meeting them in person…I hope the menu can live up to the reputation of the Golden Girls. If it does, I smell future Rue La Rue Cafe’s popping up in a city near you.

The cafe has many framed photos landscaping the walls a case displaying McClanahan’s Emmy for the character she played on the show. Ther’es also mannequins adorning some of her glamorous outfits.

The restaurant’s ladies room bathroom has tiles like the one in the show, and gold like mica chips and glitter floors.

According to LaRue, the Walt Disney Company — which owns the rights to the show — is “allowing the café to manufacture its very own Golden Girls’ merchandise using images from the television show.”

McClanahan’s son is reportedly a partner in the cafe.

The restaurant will “serve soups, wraps, salads, desserts, baked treats, and wine.

LaRue also says Betty White, who played Rose Nylund on the series, will be in attendance for the restaurant’s grand opening.  The cafe has named one of their desserts in honor of her.

The Betty White Cake

The cafe will also be serving, cheesecake a dessert that the Golden Girls enjoyed from the nearby bakery Choc NYC, which created recipes for each of the four characters on the show, including a “Dorothy’s Salted Caramel” with a caramel lava center.

Well if you’re going to take a stab at the restaurant business having a unique and attractive theme is certainly the BEST way to do it!

Good Luck Mr. La Rue you’re off to a great start.

Thank you for being her friend!

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