Why People Struggle to Start And Run A Restaurants

People underestimate how difficult it is to do successfully. I did, and I worked in the industry for seven years before I went out on my own and still failed at my first attempt!

After experiencing failure I decided to go back and take a hard look at what I did wrong!

I realized it didn’t matter how much experience I had as a chef, managing people, or running other people’s restaurants, my lack of experience in knowing how to start a business made it more likely to fail.

Why I Struggled & Failed

I spent time reviewing the factors that ultimately led to my business failure. This helped me not only find peace about the failure of my business but taught me key lessons. I learned to build my next restaurant and catering venture from those lessons. I realized I spent very little time researching! Once I saw the chronological steps I didn’t do during my startup I began to clearly see why my first business failed.

My second attempt was a success! I went on to open two more food businesses and one multimedia company. I  was able to sell one for a substantial amount and it allowed me to continue being in my own business to this day!

Starting Strong Gives You A Better Chance Of Running A Successful Restaurant

Is your goal to run a successful restaurant and become financially independent? It’s paramount that you learn from the people who’ve achieved what you set out to make.

That’s why I share and offer resources based on what I went through to become a successful restaurant entrepreneur after struggling my first time as an entrepreneur.

Learn first hand the steps you need to do and how to avoid the typical mistakes startups make.

Those startup mistakes make it difficult and many times impossible to run a restaurant.


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Why People Struggle to Start And Run A Restaurants

Some people have been successful at other businesses, and they think that translates into being a successful restauranteur. So off they go on their journey and find it translates into losing lots of money!

Getting into the restaurant and catering business is NOT precisely easy!

If you are a beginner, there are many, many mistakes you can make!

Avoid startup growing pains and struggles that usually hinder first-time entrepreneurs but, even more importantly, avoid the possibility of failure.

If you failed at your first business’s failure, don’t buy into the idea that it’s going to prevent you from a successful future. For many entrepreneurs, initial failure is just the first step that can lead to a much higher rate of success.

To lead to a higher rate of success, whether it’s your first attempt or second, I strongly urge you to take my Assessment and read 3C’s E-Book/Audio.

In both resources, I shine a light on what it takes to ease the struggles you may be experiencing.

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The purpose of the Assessment is to measure your strengths, skills, and achievements.

The goal is to find anything that can give you an advantage as a restaurant owner.

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THREE necessary steps you must do before you spend all your life savings or take out a loan to start your restaurant.

Start A Restaurant That Is Built On A Solid Foundation Of Paying Customers

Instead of fighting for survival in a competitive industry, start one that there is a strong need in the marketplace.

Be sure that you’ve carefully chosen a defined cuisine; you know your potential target audience WANTS!

For example, opening a Gourmet Pizza restaurant in an upscale neighborhood.

You must be sure that you’ve found a pizza niche and are uniquely attractive to that upscale neighborhood. You need to have a combination of expertise, with gourmet pizza, and your services match the way your upscale clients expect.

If the are has several Pizza chains such as Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, or Dominos and not very many independent pizza places, there is an opportunity to attract gourmet pizza lovers. People who may order from the chains in an upscale area may prefer to eat a nonchain pizza and choose your pizza instead.

If you think about it, you’ll notice that ALMOST NO restaurant on this planet is truly creating a unique menu.

What’s sure is that there will always be a niche of hungry people, you must know what they are hungry for!

I’ve developed resources you can use to give your business every opportunity NOT to become just another restaurant fatality!

If you want to learn how to ease your struggles and start a profitable food business, then take my assessment and read my FREE 3C’s E-book, which you can get here.

You Are One Decision Away From Learning How to Start a Restaurant!

What Are You Waiting For?

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