When a former employee of mine decided to become a cafe owner, she immediately called upon me to mentor her I not only accepted, I also agreed to work side by side with her for one year at a fee we decided on.

I knew it would be a great experience and she also was my right-hand person at the business I owned in Clearwater FL and felt it was time to pay it forward, after all, she put in a lot of hard hours to help make my business a success. When I did sell the business a few years later she stayed on with the new owner, she turned out to be a great asset as an employee for me and to the new owners.

She came to my business with no experience and seeking direction in her career change from being an elementary school teacher to becoming a skilled kitchen person.  I helped her through her career change, I listened to her and helped build the confidence she needed and when she was ready to become an owner, she called upon my experience once again.

Having a former boss play a part in the growth of your business can be one of the smartest things you can do. After all, they know a lot about your performance level, including where your strengths and where you have room for growth. They also have more experience and may be better able to guide you as a result.

But what if you don’t have someone to mentor you in your startup and the running of your restaurant?

Who can you turn to?

I’ll give you some ideas on that in a bit  but before you start your research for a mentor or consultant make sure you outline your objectives from the outset.

Have a clear understanding of what you’re aiming to achieve.

The outline allows whoever you look to for professional advice to get a better grasp on how they actually can help, as well as how much time you are willing to commit to investing in their services and your future venture.

Who can you turn to?

If you don’t have a mentor, startyourresstaurantbusiness.com services offers different options and most importantly provides a  personalized live restaurant coach, better known as a mentor!

By enlisting the help of my services as your mentor you get decades of experience, you will be given the tools and skills needed to start and progress on your own.

The greatest thing about a startup restaurant coach is you have a personalized team of two!

Learn more about my mentor services and resources we offer.

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