There are times that you have thought about opening a restaurant, and now you are thinking about really doing it. 

There are several reasons that make people think about doing it: after a bad meal out, when you can see where things went wrong; or, after a delicious meal out, and you think you could do that. Maybe you already work in a restaurant, as a chef, line cook, wait person, bartender, or front house manager and want to do for yourself instead of working for someone else.

Before you even get involved with the cost of starting a business or worrying about how to start your own restaurant, do some soul searching.

Why do you want to open a restaurant?

What’s your reason for thinking you can succeed in the faced paced world of the restaurant service industry?

One of best things you can do to see if you have what it takes is to take my Assessment.

  • Discover your strengths
  • Recognize skills you’ve developed
  • Align and leverage your strengths and skills in your restaurant

Regardless of your reason, being your own boss entails a new set of responsibilities. Owning your a business allows you to call the shots. You make the critical decisions and are the master of your own destiny. As an owner you utilize all the skills that you have gained previously through life and career experiences to shape your restaurant. This assessment is the first step into finding where your skills and strengths align with being a restaurant owner.

Running a restaurant isn’t just about food, passion for food, on its own, simply isn’t enough. If you want to open a restaurant and succeed, you must stay on top of the business! You can pay a bookkeeper to track the money, and you can hire a marketing relations person or firm to handle the promotions. But that doesn’t mean you can walk away from those tasks. You need to keep on top of all aspects of the business to make sure it’s running smoothly.

The risk is firmly on your shoulders! It can feel overwhelming; however, there are resources out there that can help you to achieve your dream of owning a restaurant. My tried and true tested steps and resources will guide you to success and limit the risks and mistakes most restaurant startup entrepreneurs commonly make.

Always REMEMBER no one is going to care about the success of your restaurant as much as you do.