Who Are In-The-Car Eaters?

In-the-car-eaters are always on the go at mealtime!

While sandwiches are famous, the demand now is higher than ever with the growing need for portable foods. Sometimes, you need something you can stuff yourself with on-the-go. And you’ve only got one hand to do it.






Your Car Is Your Office

If you’re always on the go, the world is your office-which might be your car. This is the case for many, considering that the average American spends 42 hours in traffic. Whether it’s attending a conference call while driving or writing emails in a fast-food parking lot, there’s a lot you can get done on the road and in your car.


Ask a Mom with a minivan full of kids, and she will tell you it’s eat in the car or don’t eat! It could be a snack on the way from school to gymnastics or dinner on the way home from a soccer game.


We eat in the car with our family either while driving or sitting in a parking lot. The scene is set, kids in the back seat throwing French fries at each other. Mom’s slurping on a milkshake and Dad’s got his dipping sauce balanced between his knees while eating his chicken fingers.

Today families still eat together it’s just not always at the dinner table!

Nay Sayers

And then there are people who swear they will never eat in their car! Sooner or later, there is going to be a road trip or a lack of time or whatever, and they will find themselves eating and driving.

Food Editors

With stay-at-home orders in place to slow the spread of the novel corona virus, one group we do not hear much about is the food editor. Over the last five months, food editors have continued to eat food from local restaurants, but in a somewhat unfamiliar dining space, their car.

Food editors have been busy looking for different kinds of meals to eat in their driver’s seat. They are now eating everything from fried chicken and blue crab hand rolls to burritos and spicy noodle bowls.

Why Restaurants Need To Create Portable To-Go Foods

Restaurants need to develop menu items with a driver’s realistic physical abilities in mind. It is crucial because the comfort ability and safety of the driver while eating is at stake. Secondly, the car’s interior and cleanliness shouldn’t suffer. The customer must be able to consume the food cleanly and with minimal or no spillage.

Such menu items need to be durable enough to survive rough handling without compromising its quality and flavor. It needs to be easy to store, transport, and hold with one hand, even if that hand is also holding a steering wheel. All the while, of course, it needs to be delicious!

Whatever the selection is, it needs to be both for a human hand and a car interior storage.

These changes will revolutionize eating in a car FOREVER.

Eat Comfortably In Your Car

Check out these trays customized for the In-The-Car Eaters!

XBY-US Auto Steering Wheel Desk, Laptop, Tablet, iPad Or Notebook Car Travel Table, Food Eating Hook On Steering Wheel Tray,for Drivers (A-Black)

Multipurpose Portable Auto Travel Tray is designed to fit most steering wheels(not apply to special-shaped wheels or truck wheels)and you can hook it to steering wheels or backseat.

Spurtar Steering Wheel Desk (2in1) Auto Car Steering Wheel Tray for Computer, Food, Snack, Lunch, Drinking, Car Laptop Desk/Eating Table – Universal Fits Most Vehicles Steering Wheels (Black)

MULTI-USAGE: Spurtar Steering Wheel Desk can be mounted to the car steering wheel and used by the driver for a laptop, notebook support, or desk to write or work on one side, the other side with a cup holder for lunch, food, drink or snack, etc.

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