If Your a Football Great Like Emmitt Smith or a Regular Joe Expert Advice Is a Must When Starting a Restaurant

Pro Football Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith announced the launching of Emmitt’s Las Vegas.

Emmitt’s is a premier 30,000+ square foot restaurant and event venue overlooking the Las Vegas Strip.

Emmitt Smith

A  Hall of Fame running back with 15 seasons in the National Football League (NFL) as the cornerstone of the Dallas Cowboys offense.

So after his playing days, Emmitt made the transition to exploring various ventures.

This included being an author and an appearance on ABC’s hit show, Dancing with the Stars.

He has continued to develop his career!

From, football analyst and sports castor, businessman, entrepreneur, and family man.

Emmitt’s (Vegas Venture) is the biggest project he has taken on.

He is partnering with innovative business leaders.

Emmitt is wanting to create an exceptional location.

Because he wants his venture to bring excellent food and unforgettable events to the Las Vegas Strip.

“We are working diligently to ensure this extremely versatile venue will create lasting memories for all those who walk through our doors.” Emmitt Smith

The goal is to create a one-of-a-kind venue that will hold large private and corporate events.

It will showcase Emmitt’s Pro Football Hall of Fame character and career throughout the facility.

This business project is obviously tremendous!

For it to materialize, Emmitt knew he needed the help of experienced professionals.

As a businessman and entrepreneur, he runs several companies.

He Knows How to Pick the Right Team

So he has always surrounded himself with first-string companies and this current business project is no different.

His team consists of Jim Hensley, Director of Operations, as a seasoned Las Vegas professional in the Food and Beverage industry.

Chris Schroeder CEO of Experiential Ventures Hospitality and managing member of the ownership company, and David Mosley, Partner of Trilogy Group F&B, LLC a full-service provider of commercial real estate.

“We are thrilled to establish Emmitt’s as one of the most desired destinations in Las Vegas,” adds Hensley. “We are bringing the finest experts in food, dining, and entertainment to Emmitt’s. So it will emulate the energy Emmitt Smith brings to both his personal and professional lives. We’re looking to fulfill Emmitt’s culinary and management team at all levels.”

Stay tuned it is scheduled to open in spring 2022!

Not Emmitt Smith but a Regular Joe Like Me

If you are a regular Joe like me and want to open a restaurant, you’re in the RIGHT place!

I started as a sole proprietor and eventually partnered with others to develop successful businesses.

My goal was to open a food industry business and I eventually opened four!

Not an easy feat but I took on my goal and never looked back.

That’s truly the way to become a successful entrepreneur.

Don’t look back and use your experiences good and bad to move forward.

Everything you are feeling while opening your own business, I have felt as well.

That is the very reason I created Start Your Restaurant Business!

I help others develop their restaurant ideas into a reality.

My desire as an entrepreneur is to share my knowledge and experience so others can be successful!

Emmitt searched for professionals to help him with his businesses you can do the same by working with me.

What is your goal?

man standing at a start line

Starting a Restaurant Start Here

There are plenty of books out there that tell you how to run a restaurant, very few specifically address the startup phase.

Avoid money problems, headaches, and stress when entering the food industry.


Start with these 3 important resources:


The purpose of the assessment is to measure your strengths, skills, and achievements.

The goal is to find anything that can give you an advantage as a restaurant owner.


Startup Guides

I’ve created free and low-cost resources to which new and aspiring business owners can turn for help.


Success Plan

No successful restaurant was ever built by one person. You came to the site to find advice and expertise my Success Plan gives you both!


Good Luck and Much Success