What Will Make Your Restaurant Famous?

There are a lot of ways to make your restaurant famous! Just like people who become famous, it comes in more than one type or form. There is fame with wealth, fame or celebrity with or without popularity, fame with or without historical importance. Still, the food you’ll serve, the service you’ll provide, and the the atmosphere will play a vital role in your restaurant’s fame.

Word of Mouth Is What Matters To People

Yes, of course, it does, BUT you can’t have any feedback until your restaurant is worthy of positive word of mouth.

But wait there’s more I believe from working in and owning a variety of different food establishments there is a third factor that is needed to help a restaurant to become famous, and that is your theme.

“My family once owned a renowned restaurant which was quite different from the others. The only thing that was different, attractive, cool, and awesome about that restaurant was that it was based on one single theme … railway station and trains …. yes.. sounds weird…but it looked awesome….the typical railway station theme but clean…” Prachi Khiria, an observation of a family member of a successful relatives restaurant. (Quora response)

Food  Service  Theme

I’m going to cover each of them and how getting all three RIGHT can make your restaurant famous!

Serve DELICIOUS food consistently!

Provide them with an AMAZING service! 

bartender and manager in restaurant

Create an ATTRACTIVE theme!

a fifties diner with jukebox

Serve DELICIOUS Food Consistently

The Ideal Menu Should Offer A Unique Dish (more than even)

Regardless of how delicious it should be consistently delicious!

A restaurant menu is more than just a list of food with prices. I  always choose a restaurant when I’m going out to eat that has menu items I LOVE!

It comes down to that one or more selections that make my mouth water at the thought of it.

Don’t YOU have that favorite dish and “go-to” restaurant?









Have you watched Guy Fieri from Food Network that wild California Dude that travels to Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives around the United States looking for that famous menu item, recipe, and or cuisine that makes restaurants memorable?

I dig that he focuses on small, independent places featuring traditional American-style, such as barbecue, smoked meat, hamburgers, deep-fried food, pizza, steak, and bacon-and-egg breakfast, regional styles, or ethnic specialties.

He interacts with the customers to get their opinion on the food, and they all say the same thing “I come here because of this dish or style of cuisine that the restaurant serves.”











The World-Famous Fries at McDonald’s cannot be matched!

Outback Steakhouse Bloomin’ Onion is an addiction!

The above menu items are what make those franchises famous.

But what about those independent places?

You know the one you might be thinking about starting!

Right now, you should be working on and developing that popular menu item(s)!

If you have those famous menu items Good for You!

You could be on your way to becoming famous.

Here is an independent owner rocking the food world in his backyard!

If you are still working on it, here is an example that could get your wheels turning!

What happens when a food truck cracks open a hard-boiled egg?

Coop D’Ville- You get -Karl Mohler -Owner and Chef de cuisine of Wicked Chicken’s Deviled Eggs, a food truck and catering business based in Zephyrhills, FL.

So what’s his famous secret?

He won’t tell, but it starts with no mayonnaise!

Traditionally, deviled eggs consist of a creamy combination of cooked egg yolk, mayo, mustard, and sometimes vinegar. The wildest most people usually get by adding relish or olives, and a friend of mine’s Mom tops her’s off with caramelized onions, which are delicious by the way.

Chef Mohler creates a base for the filling, which changes on a case-by-case basis but has included things like Thai red curry, coconut milk, and lemongrass and folds in the cooked egg yolk to create the filling. The result is eggs packed with tastebud explosions that, while unexpected, are also devilishly good.








He has made 45 funky flavors altogether, ranging from jalapeno popper, chili cheese corn, and Green Eggs’ N’ Ham, to chips and salsa, pimento cheese, and guacamole.

Yes, Deviled Eggs has made this Chef and his food truck FAMOUS!

Provide Them With AMAZING Service

Americans spend more than half their family food budget on dining out. Total restaurant sales are projected to reach $799 billion, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). In addition to delicious food, restaurants are also judged on the quality of their customer service.

Cashiers, servers, and host staff play an integral role in the customer dining experience, and in many cases, are the greatest portion of that experience. Inconsistent service is the Achilles heel of the restaurant industry. When their service interactions differ significantly from the customer’s previous experience, it stands out. The inconsistency in food is just as detrimental to the restaurant as their service.

The fundamental building blocks of all service are essential here — good hiring, training, and brand standards, to name a few — but past that, restaurant staff should be prepared for the most common reactive service situations. They should be prepared for the unreasonable customer, the special that ran out an hour ago, and the fact that they are covering 30% more tables tonight because Jan called out sick.

It’s high-pressure, frontline service, and teams need the tools and training to deliver it consistently well.

Create An ATTRACTIVE Theme!

A great restaurant theme can make your restaurant one in a million!

With over a million restaurants in the U.S. today, unique restaurant themes intrigue customers and also draw media attention.

Today’s dining guests expect more than a meal.

Unique restaurant themes go the extra mile by adding entertainment. Researchers believe guests are craving experiences because they want to share stories and photos on social media. Unique restaurant themes give people something to brag about, promoting your restaurant in the process.

Restaurant themes can be silly, serious, immersive, or even controversial. But one thing each restaurant has in common? They give guests an entertaining, memorable experience that goes beyond the plate.

If you need help in creating a restaurant, I Offer Solutions On How To Open A Successful Restaurant and How To Develop a Famous One. 

There is so much involved in starting a restaurant; it’s easy for entrepreneurs to lose focus unless guided.

I hope this post has helped you focus on how vital all three areas of your restaurant, the Food, Service, and Theme.

With the competition so fierce in this industry, you must have something different or better than your competitor.

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