graphic for how to choose the right concept

What restaurant concept will dictate how you create, deliver, and bring value to your customers?

A restaurant’s CONCEPT can best be described as your restaurant’s business model.

Cornell University School of Hotel Administration confirms the most successful restaurateurs have a clear concept and the ability to implement it consistently.

Because success is so reliant on your concept, it’s important to have an understanding of each concept.

The Chart Below BreaksDdown The 4 Major Restaurant Concepts

Fine Dining Casual Dining Fast Casual Dining Fast Food Dining

Fine Dining and Casual Dining

The full-Service category falls under the above restaurant concepts.

Just as it says full service, you can expect to be greeted by a host or hostess who escorts you to your table.

You are then greeted by a server who will explain menu items, take your full order, and serve you your food and drink.

Examples of fine dining concepts;

Steak & Chop Houses-Sam Seltzers

Seafood Restaurants-Bone Fish Grill

French Restaurants

Examples of casual dining concepts;

Bar & Grill- Apple Bees & TGIF

Pizza & Pasta Places –Pizza Hut

Pub & Brewery’s -Ale Houses

Diners-Johnny Rockets

Family Style Restaurants-Bob Evans

Ethnic Restaurants-PF Chang

Fast Casual Dining and Fast Food Dining

Partial Service- category falls under the above concepts.

This type of restaurant offers minimal table service.

They may expect customers to pick up after themselves.

After you place your order at the counter someone may prepare it as you choose items to create your meal.

They may also bring it to your table.

This type of restaurant usually promises a healthier and higher quality of selections.

The following restaurants are considered examples of fast-casual concepts;

Chicken and Wing Places – Pollo Tropical

Burger & Fries -Five Guys

Burrito and Taco Joints – Chipotle

Salad, Sandwiches, and Soups- Panera’s

Quick Service is, defined by its cuisine, counter service, and drive-thru.

There are usually one or more cashiers working to take orders,.

Most of the time your food is ready with very little wait time.

The following restaurants are considered examples of fast food/quick service concepts;

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Burger King

Panda Express

Taco Bell


What Is The Best Restaurant Concept For Your Startup?

Deciding your concept/business model controls other important decisions you will have to make such as

~Location~Staffing~Equipment~Furniture~Parking~Target Market

The type of restaurant you open will depend on the kind of owner you want to be.

What concept is the best fit for your cuisine, service, and possible location?

No matter what concept you choose it should have great food and customer service.

Be very careful not to mix restaurant concepts!

As a soon-to-be new restaurant owner, you must make sure your restaurant concept is doable and clear.

No matter what type of concept you want to open, it is important to have a sense of urgency and to be flexible.

You will have to adjust your original ideas to accommodate any number of changes that come with opening a new restaurant.

A restaurant concept must be harmonious in all of its elements to draw in a market.

Do You Need Advice On Choosing The Right Restaurant Concept?

Step 3 in my 7 Step Startup Success Plan goes over in detail how each one operates.

It’s important in choosing the one you will feel most confident in running.

Choosing your concept is one of the first decisions.

Let my years of experience and success help you achieve yours!

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