Owning a restaurant is glamorous and fun, but it is also hard work.

Just ask people in the industry.

Regardless of where you see yourself as a restaurant owner, you still need to know how to start and run one!

You need to understand all the various jobs that are involved in starting and running a restaurant.

From, cooking to managing to marketing, and to bookkeeping to name a few responsibilities.

As the owner, you are responsible for it ALL even if you are not involved in the daily operations.

Many entrepreneurs open their restaurant thinking they can come and go as they please and pay experienced managers and chefs or cooks, and still run a profitable business. NOT…

While restaurants can earn a lot of money, it’s essential for the owner, to be involved in some way whether you are there or not.

Many people hope to open a restaurant and draw a paycheck, without actually knowing what is going on in their business and leaving it up to your management staff.

Hiring the best managers and Chefs or cooks with experience and excellent references isn’t going to guarantee a financially successful restaurant!

Opening a restaurant isn’t as simple as if you build it, they will come. I don’t mean to scare you.

If you don’t want to run your restaurant, you need to know what is going on or you will find yourself having to CLOSE your doors.

There is a reason why the fatality rate is higher in the food industry than in most others.

Want to Own a Restaurant But Don’t Want to Run It, you still need to play a role in it! 

To find a role that is best suited for you as an owner without having to be there every day I suggest you take my free assessment worksheet.

The goal is to find anything that can give you an advantage as a restaurant owner.

Most of all it’s essential that your strengths complement the restaurant you’re developing.

You need to discover and define your strengths and learn how you can utilize them in your business.

Surprisingly you may already have some of the skills that are beneficial in the restaurant industry.

I’m not saying you have to be there every day and running it.

You may not have restaurant experience, but you have gained strengths and skills that are similar.

Whether it’s from life experiences, your career, or hobbies that can be an advantage in your restaurant as an owner.

Here are some examples of responsibilities as an owner you can be part of without having to be there overseeing the everyday duties.

Are You a Whiz With Numbers:

Do you enjoy bookkeeping, preparing taxes, and generally managing money? Consider being part of the accounting and financial area of your restaurant.

Are You a Mr. or Ms. Fix-It:

Do you like getting your hands dirty or, working with your hands, as opposed to sitting in an office or cooking or seating people? Maybe you have experience with plumbing, electric, or are a general handy person. Restaurant equipment breakdown and construction is always needed. Whether it’s the original construction or additions to the restaurant, it is an advantage to be handy.

Do You Have Marketing and Advertising Experience:

Being smart with marketing and advertising ensures the success of your business by attracting more customers, and keeping them coming back. Whether you own a cafe or sports bar and grill, you need marketing strategies to secure a more significant share of the market. If you have the experience and knowledge to create compelling marketing materials without breaking the bank, it’s an advantage.

Now you know some examples of the skills and strengths that are not specific to the food and restaurant industry but can play a significant role in your business’s success.

If you do not want to be there all the time, you still need to know your industry inside and out. 

Our site and resources can assist you in knowing the industry and help you discover just what skills and strengths you have that can fit in and be a financial benefit to your restaurant.

What Advantages As An Owner Do You Possess?

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