It Took 16 Years and 3 Countries to Make Their Family Restaurant Dream Come True

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It Took 16 Years and 3 Countries to Make Their Family Restaurant Dream Come True

Lara and Rivera came to Golden a town in British Columbia, Canada from Bogota, Colombia, where they both worked. They are originally from Mexico City, where they grew up, studied, and began raising their family.

In Colombia, Lara worked in human resources and Rivera was in charge of opening offices for an IT company. We always wanted to have a family business. Not only to involve us but our daughters too,” Rivera said. Now their dream has come true.

Everything starts as a dream, thought, and mental image, but this is just the first step. If you stay in the dream state, you will see that you are standing still. You have to go out in the real world to create and live that dream.

Karla Lara and Ulises Rivera were in motion for 16 years and lived in 3 countries and never lost sight of their dream to open a restaurant.

Standing still was not an option!

They took over ownership of the ABC Country Restaurant in the Prestige Inn earlier this month and in a few months, the family restaurant going to be converted into another family restaurant called Ricky’s All Day Grill. The couple has two daughters, Daniela, 13, and Fernanda, 11 and will be getting a first-row seat to how the restaurant industry works and where they may fit in.

After February, the restaurant will be called Ricky’s they wanted to wait until after the busy winter season before they make any changes.

They are letting their current customers expect more Mexican specials on the menu soon. They are also interested in showing more sports on the TVs and providing produce and beer from local businesses.

I will keep you informed on their progress!

Until then I want to discuss why family restaurants have good track records.

Cuisines That Never Go Out Of Style

Tried-and-True Family Run Restaurants and Recipes

Thousands of family restaurants have become successful,  “When a team comes together that is made up of family, it creates a strong bond, with everyone after the same goal,” says Ben Kirane, co-owner of the Bodega Spanish Tapas & Lounge and Thunder Burger & Bar in Washington D.C.

Everyone Plays a Role In A Family Run Restaurant!

Every member of the family team brings a particular type of skill or success to the table.

What makes some restaurants fold, while others turn into gold?

Many restaurant successes stories are family owned!

Building on a family culinary legacy of recipes is a sure way of making a name for a restaurant!

Food with a story helps guests connect with the meal and even learn a little bit of history at the same time.

Quality food that’s grown, prepared and served with a strong sense of history, integrity and accountability have been the reason family restaurants longevity.

3 Tip to Create a Successful Family Restaurants

~ It’s important to create a balance when it comes to family members working together. There has to be a healthy work/family balance. This assures a successful business, as well as create strong family bonds.

Know the business or be sure a member or members of the family does. Along with that, it’s important to love and have a passion for what you do. After all, it’s going to take up a lot of your time and life.

~COMMUNICATION! Having open communication lines among family members, as well as all staff, is crucial. Being able to communicate openly and regularly is the best way to address issues, reach common goals and keep emotions in check.

Don’t wait for the opportunity, visualize it, commit, and prepare yourself for it, so that when it appears, you recognize it, and can take advantage of it.

To achieve a dream, you need to take action whether you are working with family or not! Not knowing where to start and what to do shouldn’t stop you but it is here that most people stop and don’t go further.

The people who succeed are those that research, think, plan, read, and look for experts who can get you motivated and give you faith in yourself.

That is just what can do for you!

Let us help you make your family restaurant business a success.


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