To Get Customers Back Restaurants Must Prepare for the Post COVID Era

Implementing new health standards and adapting to the expectations of dining guests, just like corporate chains and franchises is a must.

Social anxiety revolves around the fact that, for many people, there is no way to suddenly feel completely safe going back to restaurants.

This past year, we’ve been told to avoid other people, stay away from crowds, be aware of any possible signs of illness.

So now, the idea of going into restaurants and socializing with friends or walking down a crowded sidewalk feels so dangerous.

This is why it’s important to make your customer feel safe and comfortable!

So Where Do You Start?

Here are some suggestions.

I have also included some vital guides you can download at the end of this post.

Sanitary and Cleaning Procedures
  1. Establish and display a restaurant cleaning/disinfection plan, make it visible to customers to reassure them
  2. Remove the waste regularly
  3. Use bins with lid and pedal if you can
  4. Check more often and regularly the cleaning of the bathrooms and be sure there is soap and paper hand drying napkins
  5. Train all employees in new sanitary procedures and update the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, also called HACCP, if necessary.
  6. Establish a health chart to follow and involve employees
  7. Mention Safety and Health clauses in the new employee manuals
Back of House/Kitchen
  1. Display new sanitary measures in the kitchen and train employees
  2. Buy local
  3. Control products traceability
  4. Reduce food waste
  5. Set standards for reducing food waste
  6. Wearing a mask for cooks (linen mask for more comfort) and all other employees until the obligation is lifted
  7. Ensure regular hand washing

Front of House/Seating Areas/ Host Section and Pickup Area

  1. Have an online reservation system
  2. Have a pre-order system via mobile app or restaurant website
  3. Extend hours of operation and service
  4. Give priority to outdoor spaces and have signs and floor markings.
  5. Control the flow of clients to avoid overcrowding (safety first, but it is also part of your reputation too)
  6. Spread out customer arrivals
  7. Have a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser available at the restaurant entrance, on the tables, and at the toilet entrance


  1. Stay informed of the latest state regulations
  2. Stay informed about the support measures for your region and your city (example: exemption from certain taxes, including the public domain occupancy charges for terraces and stands) and local regulations
  3. Find out about unemployment measures and their duration
  4. Ensure the permanent supply of items such as hydro-alcoholic gel, wipes, soaps, gloves, masks, trash bags, etc.
  5. Establish a partnership with delivery companies
  6. Offer takeaway meals to compensate for the decrease in seating
  7. Display the takeaway menu outside the restaurant and on the restaurant’s website

Are You Opening A Restaurant During This Time?

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Where Can You Find Information On Reopening?

In this guide, you will go over-Food safety Cleaning and Sanitizing. It also covers Employee health monitoring and personal hygiene Social distancing.

Restaurant or Beverage Establishments Offering Takeout or Curbside Pickup Services Guide

This guide is intended to supplement the U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It previously developed a guide for Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 and the White House’s Guidelines for Opening up America Again.
To Get Customers Back Restaurants Must Prepare for the Post COVID Era
These are some difficult times for restaurants for many businesses. But we are heading in the right direction!
I can not stress how vigilant you must be and adhere to post COVID reopening guidelines.
As the saying goes customers come first and that also means they must feel comfortable and safe!
If they don’t they will not come back!