Tis The Season To Get Customers In Your Restaurant

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Tis The Season To Get Customers In Your Restaurant

During the holidays, there are a few sure-fire ways to improve your chances of seeing customers come through your doors.

Many restaurants change their menus periodically, but when it comes to the holidays, restaurants have the opportunity to offer something truly special.. Provide a special offering on the entree menu, a holiday roast or turkey dinner with all the fixins. Menu Specials that can bring back memories of the holidays and family gatherings will entice your customers to come back again.

Many people like to go back in time during this time of year. A time when families made a point to be together around the dinner table to celebrate. Offer a family style menu, a pass the dish experience, be different! Market your specials in house to your already existing dining clientele and advertise on the internet or in a local flyer. Get the word out that your holiday menu is offered for a limited time.

Entice local businesses, small family gatherings or groups of friends to spend time around the holiday in your restaurant, you’re not only bringing in more business, it might just be the start of an annual tradition.

Nothing says “holiday” quite like a group of co-workers getting together for an after-work, pre-weekend happy hour.

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“Tis The Season” To Get Customers In Your Restaurant!

People are going to go out somewhere for a holiday celebration, why not make it your restaurant?

Promote holiday gift cards! Promoting holiday gift cards is a great way to up sell product during the holidays, as well as bring in new and extra foot traffic.   A lot of customers will come into restaurants, both independent and chain restaurants, solely to purchase gift cards for friends and family.

Get in the holiday spirit  put a few glittery paper snowflakes in your store windows, or hang twinkle lights on the trees outside your doors. Small decoration additions like these encourage those around you to smile and enjoy the season. After all, I’d much rather slip into a warmly lit, decorated, festive cafe for a late-night cup of apple cider than a bland, dim, boring-looking coffee house…couldn’t you?

“Tis The Season” To Get Customers In Your Restaurant!


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