Eating out has become a form of entertainment!

Theme restaurants draw people in; not just for the food but also for the atmosphere, you offer your guests.

Cuisine & Theme

They can be the winning combination why people choose to go to your restaurant and not your competition.

The theme not only influences the food but the architecture, music, and overall feel of the restaurant. Your theme will also influence your restaurant’s location and décor.

As a new restaurant, you need to create a theme for your establishment.

Fords’s Garage is a great example of a cuisine and theme that draws people in! It’s basically a neighborhood burger and beer joint, where everyone is welcome.  The restaurant gives you the vibe of being in a 1920’s service station and includes vintage Ford vehicles, gas pumps, and a variety of fixtures.

The bar features prohibition-style of old brick, rich wood, and a hand-hammered copper bar top.


What theme will, pinpoint your target market and establish your restaurant as the place to be!

Standing out in this competitive industry is a must if you want to be successful.

Theme Ideas

Some restaurants have themes based on specific time periods.

Diners are set up in the 1950s-style restaurant, which serves traditional diner foods, such as homemade comfort foods, Meatloaf, Mac and cheese, hot open face turkey sandwiches with gravy, burgers, fries, milkshakes, and floats.

The decor reflects a 50s diners by including jukeboxes, or a mini jukebox at each booth. Counter and booth seating. Counter seats that twirls and pleather booths.

Texas Steak Houses in the theme of the wild wild west that appeals to the inner cowboy and cowgirl in us.

They specializes in juicy steaks, chops, BBQ and Tex-Mex selections. The theme is usually part saloon and part corral. A Western theme can be seen from a far and once your inside your seeped in western culture. Wagon wheels adorn the walls, mechanical bull riding, live country music. People looking for an evening of great food, music and entertainment, have made these themed restaurants popular all over the USA.




Some people think of Ethnic themed restaurants as food vacations. You go out to eat to experience flavorful traditional dishes from certain countries or regions of the world. The decor of these restaurants mirror what you’d see if you visited those countries or regions.

Ethnic restaurants may serve Italian, Mexican,  Japanese or Indian dishes to name a few. Their decors reflect their origins.

Sports Bar & Grill

When customers visit a sports bar and grill they come to watch their team play and to eat and drink! These restaurants offer fun food people can enjoy while swigging down a cold brew or a chilly sweet tea. The menu include everything from chicken wings, burgers, and fried anything. It’s casual dining with a high sound decimal from fans,  and friends talking and screaming at the  screen TV’s lining the walls everywhere.

Let’s face it most people have several favorite restaurants and many times they, will compare the theme and atmosphere of restaurants in order to choose the one they feel in the mood for.

A themed restaurant is fun and exciting!

Like with most businesses, customers are the key to success. Therefore, you can’t just sit and wait for customers to arrive.

You need to use a number of strategies to drive customers to your restaurant, using your cuisine and theme is one sure way to draw them to you.

How to decide what kind of theme will stand out from your competition and draw customers?

How to decide which restaurant theme is right for you?

Who Do You Hope To Attract To Your Restaurant?

Baby Boomers- Office Workers- Blue Collar- Families-Sports Fans- Seniors

What Themes Will Draw Your Potential Target Guest?

Although you would like to design a restaurant theme that fits your ideas and dreams, it is important that you can make a living from the restaurant.

It is for this reason why you should question the type of people who will be visiting your restaurant to eat there.

Who are they and what sort of food will they enjoy eating?

It is also important that you survey the area and analyze the popular types of food that may or may not exist so that you can decide upon something that will work well within the area that you are wanting to locate in.

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