Theme Restaurant Rules

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Theme Restaurants Rule

Themed restaurants are in the business of carving an indelible niche for one’s establishment in the customer’s mind..

As our lives and lifestyles have gotten unbelievably hectic more Americans eat meals away from home, the average American is eating over 200 meals out at restaurants, dining has become a way to relax and unwind.

In an era when ‘exclusivity’ is the buzzword, the way that restaurants stand out is through their theme.

Theme restaurants attract and retain customers by serving good food that complements and are appropriate to the theme. While your menu and food quality will be key factors in the success of a restaurant, there are other factors to consider.

One of those is the theme of your restaurantoften a crucial decision when opening an establishment. It is often wise to try and fill a niche; one you think will appeal to customers.

Creating and working in themed restaurants was probably my most rewarding career move.

A Theme Restaurant is designed around a particular subject of interest, such as a sport, a specific food/culture, era/history, style of music, or the entertainment industry, perhaps famous personalities etc.

Such establishments are typically designed in a theatrical fashion, the restaurant theme is a blend of food, atmosphere, and service with as much attention paid to decor and memorabilia as to the food.

Success is based on making your customer happy and satisfied!

A Theme Restaurant does just that, customers can dine in an entertaining  atmosphere, enjoy a delicious meal among family or friends and leave wanting to come back again and again.

Theme Restaurants Rule

It is extremely important for restaurant owners to develop themes that positively impact their customers.

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Entertainment-themed restaurants – such as the Hard Rock Cafe are excellent examples of this. Music is universal and brings people together.

There are many sports entertainment themed Restaurants and Bar and Grills that serve food and beverages.  These venues have the capability to simulcast all forms of sporting events and concerts.


Historical neighborhoods, cities and town themes are very popular among the locals! Let’s face it people do business with people they know and like.

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Creating a restaurants theme and design that makes people feel like they belong is bound to draw a regular crowd.

The average person will travel up to 10 miles to a restaurant.

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