The Three Critical C’s

Cuisine ~ Customer ~ Concept

 Three things needed for success in your restaurant startup Cuisine, Customer and Concept!

Cuisine – First thing to consider when planning your restaurant is your cuisine. Reviewing cuisines that are out there, and remain popular over decades can be a great place in guiding you to choose the right money-making cuisine. Cuisines that have successful track records and staying power have proven to be profitable “Food Trends” that many have duplicated and become profitable businesses.


Customer- To service and sell to an audience, you have to understand them, and this takes time and careful evaluation. Ultimately, the success of your restaurant hinges on knowing your customers and satisfying them.  Finding your ideal customer helps you determine the best location for your restaurant.



Concept- There are 4 Major restaurant business concepts/models each one requires different service. Knowing how each one will assist you in choosing the one you will feel most confident in running.

All three are necessary for a successful restaurant.

I’m creating a unique strategic framework to help future restaurant owners during the 3 C’s startup decision process.

I will be releasing my E-Book The Three C’s  A  Startup Success Formula

Created Specifically For Beginners

 In January of 2019


Steady business growth depends on the right cuisine, a steady flow of new and old dining customers, and the type of concept you are offering.

I know from extensive, hands-on experience how to find the right cuisine, ideal customers and develop the best concept to make your restaurant’s overall experience memorable in doing this you will be able to stand out from your competition.

I understand the challenges and pitfalls facing startup business owners, I’ve been there. Our team has more than two decades of experience in mentoring entrepreneurs and restaurant owners through the awkward stages of launching a restaurant.

This E-Book will give insight to starting a restaurant and keeping it growing to become a financial success.

There is so much involved in starting a restaurant; it’s easy to lose focus unless guided. Before you spend your life savings or borrow money, please take the time to learn the critical tasks. Avoid startup growing pains and most importantly the possibility of failure by reading The Three C’s Startup Success Formula.

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