The Secret To Restaurant Success Is In The Sauce

A secret sauce or the secret ingredients in the sauce can give you a competitive advantage or should I say it will help you outperform your competitors.

Many restaurants and franchises go to elaborate lengths to maintain ingredient secrecy!

In most cases, secret ingredients are not patented because that would result in them being publicized, but they are protected by trade secret laws.

Employees who have to prepare the secret recipe/sauce may be required to sign non-disclosure agreements.

I worked in a German Delicatessen when I first entered the food industry, and ALL their recipes were written in German. It took me about three months before they trusted me and allowed me to see the English version recipes and for the chef to take me under his wing.

Examples of Famous Secret Recipes

KFC’s “Colonel’s secret recipe,” created by Colonel Sanders in the 1930s.

The special secret sauce, used in the preparation of a McDonald’s Big Mac hamburger.

Frank’s Red Hot, claimed to be the secret ingredient in the original Buffalo wing sauce.

Perhaps the recipe below is close to In-N-Out Secret Sauce, but I’m sure something is missing!

Your Secret Sauce/Recipe not only defines your unique difference from your competitors it helps you develop strategies for creating smart, marketing campaigns that reach the people who you want to coming into your restaurant.

It Helps You Build Your Restaurant Brand

A closely guarded recipe is the hallmark of many burger places. Anyone can grill a burger, but it’s how you dress them that separates them and makes them memorable.

“Every once in a while I’ll crave a Big Mac. It’s not the overcooked beef patties, the floppy buns, or the strands of warm lettuce that induce this urge. It’s the Big Mac’s special sauce. That creamy, tangy, pumped-up tarter sauce is so good it overcomes the badness of the burger.” Paul Kita writer for Men’s Health.

I’m not saying if you have a secret sauce or secret recipes you’ll become an overnight success what I am saying is it can only help you.

If starting a restaurant is your goal, think about what you can offer from a secret recipe angle.

What can you cook up that will get your customer salivating and B-lining to your restaurant?

It’s important to bring some recipes to your restaurant menu that your customers can’t get at anywhere else!

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Good luck in making your dream of opening a restaurant come true!

What secret sauce or recipes will you be serving when your dream does come true?