Two Meatball Heros


The MEATBALL Shop Is Owned by Two Heros!

“Meatballs are part of New York, but when we asked where you could get the best meatball hero, no place came to mind. We thought we could have the best meatball hero.”- Chernow and Holzman

Meatballs are considered comfort food and never go out of style!

The ingredients may vary but who can resist a delicious meatball. There are many variations including vegetarian at the Meatball Shop.

Seven Locations

  Their Meatball Shops Are On A Roll!

In 2010, Chef Daniel returned to his hometown of New York City to team up with his childhood friend Michael Chernow and debut The Meatball Shop in New York City’s Lower East Side. The mix-and-match menu of meatballs was an instant hit.

The two best friends were confident their concept, would be a hit, but they didn’t expect it to take off quite that quickly.

Most of us think meatballs and automatically associate them with the classics of Italian-American cooking: slow-stewed in marinara sauce, piled on top of spaghetti. Not so, meatballs show up in the cooking of other cultures, too, from the Middle East to South East Asia.

Meatballs may be simple in essence, but there are ingredient methods you need use if you want to get them right and these two best buds have obviously discovered how to make them right.

The Meatball Shop Takes Their Theme Very Serious

When you’re thinking about what cuisine to offer at your restaurant, you don’t always have to be out of the ordinary or eclectic, sometimes it can be simple comfort food with a twist.

Choosing a cuisine that already has staying power and is well loved may be all you need!


Whether you’re in the mood for breakfast-


Celebrating your birthdayThe Meatball Shop has you covered in all kinds of sauce!


Do You Have A Cuisine Picked Out For Your Restaurant?



Your cuisine is the first thing to consider when planning your restaurant.

Most restaurant entrepreneurs have an idea of the types of food they’ll be serving. Whether you do or you’re still undecided, it’s important to review the cuisines that are out there.

You should give a lot of thought and consideration to cuisines that have staying power and successful track records such as meatballs, (maybe not meatballs) especially if this your first attempt at your own restaurant.

What will draw people to your restaurant?

What will be your distinctive ingredients and how will your food be prepared?

These are just some of the questions and research you should do before deciding on your cuisine.

If you need help with finding the right cuisine for your restaurant idea, we can HELP.

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We see first-time restaurant entrepreneurs as the dreamers, innovators, and doers that make the world a better place.

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In honor of Thanksgiving here is a meatball recipe that features TURKEY as the main protein a lighter, healthier alternative to red meat!  Turkey Frikadeller (Danish Meatballs)!


Have A Happy Thanksgiving