The Birth of Corporate Catering

Jeannette Goldman and Pat Walsh opened Corporate Catering, a business specializing in off-premise catering for the area businesses. Their company also offered individual walk-ins, eat-in, take out and deliveries to the immediate area company.

Menu items ranged from specialty sandwiches to gourmet entrees.

Jeannette and Pat saw the lack of time people had for lunch and the lack of quality and healthy food choices. Serving the types of cuisine Jeannette had been cooking at the fine dining, and casual restaurants allowed her to feed people the cuisine they deserved, and she enjoyed preparing.

Executing Their Idea

They knew locating their startup in an untapped area would be the key to success.

After over a year of research and visiting the Pinellas County area of Florida, they saw a trend of companies moving to the area. Many companies were moving their headquarters to different Florida cities because of the affordable real estate. They decided on Clearwater because of the potential that existed. The area was growing, and they could see first hand from visiting it was fertile for starting Corporate Catering.

Jeannette Goldman and her business partner Pat Walsh chose a major thoroughfare located in the heart of White Collar Large Corporate Headquarters, Small Businesses Office Parks, and Blue-Collar Industrial Companies. They created and managed a successful café and catering business specializing in off-premise catering for Tampa Bay businesses.

Experience & Partnership Makes The Idea Possible

For over seven years, Jeannette worked in several restaurants to get experience in different cuisines and services. She wanted to get a hands-on feel for what she would be the happiest, successful, and confident owning.

Jeannette designed menus with creative business themes, hired, trained, and managed employees.

For eight years, Pat worked in outside sales and business to business sales experience.

She worked for Kraft and Sysco Foodservice.

Pat developed, implemented, and promoted Corproate Caterings’ marketing and sales plan. She hired, trained, and managed staff, including outside sales associates.

Their Niche Off-premise Catering for the Area Business Community 

They also offered individual take out and deliveries to immediate area company’ as well.

Menu items ranged from specialty sandwiches to gourmet hot and cold entrees.

The business serviced major companies such as Danka Industries, Transitions, Honeywell, and Val Pak.














The business grew substantially over the years, and it was deciding period for both Jeannette and her business partner whether to grow or to sell and invest in other opportunities.

They decided to sell it at a profit to pursue other interests.

At the new owner’s request, she hired them both as working consultants and remained on a need basis.