The Best Burger Joint in Western New York Is Taking COVID Seriously

Tom WAHLS doesn’t just take COVID seriously. They take cooking burgers as well and have been for several decades!

It doesn’t surprise me that they have taken all the precautions necessary to keep their long-time customer base safe!

Their management has been instilling cleanliness and organizational specs in their facilities with generations of employees. It’s one of the reasons they have remained successful in one of the most difficult industries.

I have some family members who worked there, so I know how well organized runs from their experience.

I was a chef and living in Rochester, NY (Western New York), and let me make it clear, and I worked in private clubs and several fine dining restaurants for several years. But when I wanted a burger, I couldn’t wait to head over to Wahls on my day off.

Everyone wants a burger cooked for them, and it is nice being on the other side of the grill!

The Best Burger Joint in Western New York Is Taking COVID Seriously

They are taking the spread of COVID-19 very seriously. The well-being and safety of their customers, staff, and the overall community is their highest priority. They are closely monitoring the situation and following guidance from the CDC and other government agencies.

For more on what they are doing during the pandemic to keep their customers and staff safe, scroll down to the end of this post. 

The Best Burger Joint in Western New York





It all began back in 1955 when Tom and Bill Wahl officially opened a root beer stand in a trailer that served Twin Kiss ice cream to Avon, New York.

Now there are eight locations!

Not to change the menu item subject, but their home-made Root Beer is the best!









I was raised on Long Island, and my hometown had an A&W.

A&W root beer is good, but Tom Wahls is great!

The Best Burger their specialty the Wahl Burger.

A mouthwatering ground steak sandwich with ham, Swiss cheese, lettuce, and Wahl sauce. They also serve a cheddar jalapeno burger, mushroom Swiss burger, bleu cheeseburger, and Hollywood burger.

People have been enjoying their juicy burgers and Zweigle’s® hot dogs since the 1960s.

Today they still make their handcrafted root beer in each of the 8 upstate locations.

Tom Wahl’s Is on Wheels

They continue to find ways to serve their famous menu items on four wheels.

That is after all the way they started, in a trailer in 1955.

“Tom Wahl’s Cookout Truck comes armed with delicious food, drinks, dessert, and a talented Tom Wahl’s staff to help keep the magic happening. That is right, you read correctly – we did say DRINKS and DESSERT! Our Cookout Truck is equipped with a fountain soda machine AND ice cream machine!! Now you can get your old-fashioned root beer and chocolate-vanilla twist fix right from the comfort of your own party.”

Tom Wahl’s has been around for decades! They cracked the secrete to success in one of the most difficult businesses to succeed in.

I am always amazed by how some burger joints stand the test of time.

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Here is What Tom Wahl’s is Doing About COVID







They have implemented strict sanitation and social distancing procedures at all their restaurants, following the CDC and Governor Cuomo’s guidelines.

They have implemented social distancing protocols at all our restaurants. These are based on Governor Cuomo’s guidelines. They instruct all customers to stay at least 6 feet away from the rest of the customers.

The cleanliness of their restaurants is always a top priority.

However, they have implemented strict sanitation procedures based on the CDC’s guidelines.

Their staff has been trained on all sanitation best practices and equipped with the following precautionary equipment: Gloves, Disinfectant and, Sanitizers.

Safety starts with the health and safety of the staff.

As recommended by the CDC, they have instructed all staff to stay home if they are experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms or if they have encountered anyone with those symptoms. We ask that you abide by the same guidelines for the safety of our staff and customers.