Tapping Into Classic Cuisines With a Twist and a Shake!

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Black Tap has restaurants on 248 W 14th Street in New York, NY and 529 Broome Street New York, NY. They have it “going on” as they say!

When it comes to standing out from the competition they certainly have it down.


I’m very impressed with their creativity and twist on classic cuisine.


Tapping Into Classic Cuisines With a Twist and a Shake!

Let’s be real this trend of craft beer and burgers has tremendous staying power!


It’s success rate is attractive but that doesn’t make it an easy business to be in or start.

If you plan on entering the burger and beer boxing ring you better have a winning formula!


Black Tap Has a Winning Formula! 

Black Tap, burgers come in many variations, on a bun, atop a salad, the American classic to falafel for those non meat eaters and everything in between.

They als serve craft beers and milkshakes like you’ve never seen, along with your typical bar snacks like wings, onion rings, and fries.

The Competition in the restaurant industry is fierce, and even fiercer when it come to beer, burgers and shakes.

You better have a good right and left side of a menu that is a knock out!

You need to give your potential customers a reason to come to you instead of your competition.


If you’re not salivating by now well I’m not sure what else I can do except show a video!

Black Tap is making everyone happy, Meat Eaters to Vegetarians and Sweet tooth Aficionados!

A Truffle Bagel Burger


House-Made Falafel Burger with Tahini, Hummus, Pickled Onion & Greek Feta.


The Turkey Burger Salad with Avocado, Granny Smith Apple, Blue Cheese & Buttermilk-Dill Dressing.


“The Californian”…This is our Juicy Organic Turkey Burger which we serve with Fresh Avocado, Swiss Cheese & Truffle Mayo!!!


What’s Their Success Formula?

The Black Tap has a successful restaurant because it has the THREE Core Components in place a casual concept, a cool fun theme , and their menu  their shakes and creative burgers you can’t get anywhere else.

It delivers on all three components.

“Black Tap can be considered a triple threat because it delivers the food, drinks and an atmosphere that appeals to anyone.” John Fria contributing writer for The Daily Meal

With neon lighting and an informal bar and dining area, Black Tap isn’t a fancy joint it’s more a classic luncheonette vibe. The décor is old-school hip-hop and rock & roll.


The wait at the Black Tap at times can be long and that can make people very opinionated if they are not satisfied. I have read mixed reviews most people love their burgers and shakes but some are disappointed in the price of the shakes.

In it’s almost two years in business people continue to come to their two locations. 

The question is can they continue serving great food, beer and shakes?

They have managed to create a buzz I just hope they can keep it going. 

Longevity in any business requires keeping close handles on what got you that buzz and never losing sight of it!

I wish them luck!

Your guests should feel good about being in your establishment and everything they see makes a difference in how they perceive their dining experience and whether or not they will come again.

In today’s restaurant environment, it’s now a necessity to have a unique theme.

It can be the very reason people will choose your restaurant,then someone else’s.




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