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To Be A Successful Restaurant Startup Entrepreneur You Need The 3 P’s, Passion, Persistence, & Planning

While “Passion” is a key to any small business owner’s long-term success, there are several other important “P” qualities for startup leaders. Words like Persistence and Planning.
This post will look at those important 3 “P” qualities.

Passion is an important trait when starting a new business. In Mark Cuban’s (Successful Shark Tank Investor) 12 rules for any startup, the number one rule is “don’t start a company unless it’s an obsession and something you love.” I couldn’t agree MORE!!!
If you do what you are really passionate about, you’ll do well.
If you have the passion to start and grow a restaurant, you should have the drive to persist through tough times and there will certainly be tough times.

Persistence is keeping at what you’re passionate about it; you need an unremitting dedication to purpose. Your restaurant won’t always be a source of happiness or stability. But entrepreneurs who show persistence through difficult times are more likely to succeed.
You may have heard that half of small businesses close their doors within the first few years. That fact might be scary to most people, but entrepreneurs aren’t most people. They are more likely to have the passion, the motivation and the persistence to fight against statistics in order to realize their business dreams. To do that and avoid business pitfalls business owners need to tap into their passion and persistence. If you can do that you are potentially on the way to startup success.

Planning, I’m not talking about a business plan concerning this “P” I’m referring to the steps and strategies that need to be followed when planning a restaurant startup.
As with any business, opening a restaurant is no easy task. It requires many responsibilities, from creating a menu and marketing your concept to managing a staff and negotiating with suppliers, all of which can be stressful and overwhelming.
If you don’t have a plan to approach and complete those responsibilities how can you think about becoming a restaurant entrepreneur?
In my experience, more people seek advice on launching a restaurant business than any other type of business.
My advice will work for you, I know because I’ve been able to start restaurants and sell them.

You have to follow advice not just read it!
I started to help those who are passionate, persistent and who are ready to plan a successful restaurant startup.
Bottom line, whether you succeed as an entrepreneur depends on you!
Entrepreneurs are people who don’t mind taking risks and they don’t mind failure.
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 “Risk more than others think is safe. Dream more than others think is practical.” – Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks.