What Do Successful Restaurant Owners Know?

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What Do Successful Restaurant Owners Know?

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They know how to manage their business by trying to keep a balance on the numbers based on the volume of business.

They know that they need to spend money to make money.

They know they need to comp and send out freebies occasionally to show guest appreciation.

They know they have to empower their staff with this same ability.

They know they need to let the staff have a sense of ownership.

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They know how to keep employees happy, by providing employee meals and showing their appreciation for their hard work.

A real owner knows you have to be a friend to your employees, but with firm boundaries.  It is good to be friends with your employees; it creates a great work environment.

They know the best thing they can do is treat all the employees the same.

The successful owner knows how to manage his business, not micromanage. This means he or she hires individuals that have the same goal as they do.

They know to step back and let those qualified individuals produce results.

A real owner knows he has to manage his staff by empowering them with decision-making abilities and structuring the team by their individuals’ skills.

The Restaurant Owner Is The Key To Success In The Restaurant Business

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While no foolproof method can guarantee that your restaurant will succeed, one way to give yourself an advantage is by learning from highly successful restaurant owners who have been able to reach their goals.

As a person that works in close collaboration with aspiring small business owners and entrepreneurs, I have taken on the task of discovering what characteristics an individual can contribute to their potential restaurant’s success, and specifically, what strengths are most common among the most highly successful food business owners.

I’ve worked for and with several successful owners and used those career experiences to gain the confidence to become a successful owner as well.  

I’ve collected and compiled my experience as a successful food business owner into a comprehensive online course to advise and help future restaurant owners. I will be releasing this online course at the end of 2016. If you are interested in knowing the actual date of its release, please fill out this contact form.


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In the meantime, I’m offering a free assessment to help you discover the strengths you have that could determine if you have the characteristics to be a successful restaurant owner.

Start Your Restaurant BusinessAssessing Your Strengths


Fill the assessment out and email it back to me. With careful thought and review of the information, you have given me I will provide descriptive feedback to you, on your targeted strengths and how you can use them to become a successful restaurant owner.


Download in Power Point

Download in PDF

I’ve created this assessment worksheet to help first-time restaurant entrepreneurs discover where their strengths and skills lie. This evaluation will give you the opportunity to see where and what you should be doing at your restaurant.

Bonus – Included in this assessment is a FREE One Hour Coaching call to go over your assessment results.


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