How To Start A Successful Healthy Fast Food Restaurant

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How To Start A Successful Healthy Fast Food Restaurant

There is a growing market of people that want to eat healthy fast food! 

When we think fast food, we automatically don’t associate the word healthy with it. But it is possible to create healthy fast foods that are quick to prepare and affordable to buy, especially in today’s world.

Do you want to fill a needed niche and Start A Successful Healthy Fast Food Restaurant? 

If so, the questions below can help you decide if it’s the right career move for you.

  • Do you have a passion for healthy food?
  • Are you a good manager of people?  
  • You will be required to coordinate several employees during busy periods.
  • Are you well organized to prepare a variety of foods and keep them ready for a rush of customers, lunch hour is a great example of how speed and quality can make or break your reputation?
  • A sense of urgency is a necessity, if you don’t have a natural ability to move quickly, think quickly and handle the pressure of producing meals in a fast paced environment, you’re in the wrong restaurant concept. 

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How To Start A Successful Healthy Fast Food Restaurant

Don’t kid yourself food service experience is needed to begin a healthy fast food restaurant.  Though the menu has to be relatively simple, prep skills are fairly basic; you can save yourself a lot of time and money if you come ready with skills and knowledge.

Keep this in mind none of the fast food chains has mastered the combination of flavor, freshness, and price. 

Locally owned fast food businesses have one major advantage they don’t follow any franchises food and preparation constraints. Local restaurants have the option purchase locally and get the freshest ingredients possible for their menu items.

TWO Important Tips to Follow When Starting A Healthy Fast Food Restaurant

⇒Location for a healthy fast food restaurant is paramount. The breakdown of the best to worst the places to start. Urban (best), semi-urban (very good), suburbs (good), rural (poor).

It’s all about location.

Being in a popular area, especially one with a lot of foot traffic or that caters to a healthy number of workers for breakfast and lunch, is a big plus for this business.

In addition to walk-ins, a healthy fast food business can also cultivate a catering clientele, which can add significantly to the bottom line.

While renting or leasing a brick-and-mortar location is one option, starting a mobile food truck that serves healthier lunch and dinner can be options also, and it can be a cheaper investment to start.

Create a unique, innovative, entertaining menu that will differentiate you from the rest of the fast food competition

The first part of your competitive edge is serving fast, healthy food.

The second one will be to accomplish offering an unprecedented experience coupled with awesome food at reasonable prices.

People want options that are fast, fresh, and friendly to all kinds of diets, from vegans to gluten-free. And they don’t wish to break the bank.


You have to eliminate the excuse that people don’t eat healthy because they either can’t afford to or it’s not convenient. At the same time more and more people realize now that if you want healthy fast food, there is a price for that.

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To accomplish a competitive edge, you MUST create a menu that blows your clientele away and develop a theme that is hip. The moment your customer see’s your brand it should instill a feeling of “I got to check this place out.”


“Sometimes simply having passion and a good idea is not sufficient. The difference between merely a good idea and a good idea that becomes a sustainable business comes down to mentorship and learning from others, from the sharing of information and best practices.” Richard Branson Founder at Virgin Group

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If you’re needing help creating and idea and menu for your healthy fast food restaurant, please contact me today, my experience in the industry can be your gateway to success!

Healthy, Happy, and Eating Fast Food Can Be Possible!

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