Start A Food Delivery Service For You New Restaurant

According to the National Restaurant Association in the United States, 90 percent of casual dining restaurants offer takeout food. More and more of these restaurants are adding delivery services. The food delivery business is growing. Many restaurants are increasingly relying on delivery orders as a significant source of revenue. You must develop your restaurant accordingly to keep up with demand.

It’s essential as you plan the opening of your restaurant that you keep in mind what is trending not just from a cuisine standpoint but providing the services guests are demanding and expecting in today’s restaurant world.

Let’s face it in today’s world people are busy within their lives and don’t want to wait! They still want to eat the foods from restaurants they love just changing how they get it. The demand for deliveries from sit-down restaurants as well as the popular pizza chains and Chinese take-outs is dramatically changing the restaurant industry.

If you’re starting its unlikely that you’ll be able to build an app or website that’s as sophisticated. Start somewhere even if your site isn’t flashy, it should be easy to navigate. It should contain all the information your customers need, including menus, estimated delivery time, and a clear breakdown of your costs.



Below are some tips to get you thinking about what you’ll need to have in place before you open your restaurant and offer a delivery service.

Designated Area

You should seriously think about having a separate service counter dedicated just for to-go and delivery orders, a space dedicated solely to fulfilling those orders.


Invest in hot boxes and bags for keeping food hot (or cold) between pickup and delivery. Also, develop physical and organizational systems that prevent food from spilling while in transit.


Hire someone to design your website delivery platforms but take a hands-on approach in developing the content, navigating, and in the overall look and feel of the site. A professional designer can help you turn your vision into a reality, but the idea must be your own.


Your menu items should be suited for being boxed up and transported to customers’ doors. You need to design your menu items towards being delivery friendly specifically. A menu full of relatively delivery-friendly foods is another way to grow your business.

Delivery Service

Your delivery service will require drivers and cars.

You can either supply your vehicles or allow drivers to have their own. You can have your company logo printed on them, or you can invest in removable magnets if they are not a company car. You can arrange for your drivers to use their vehicles – in exchange for mileage.

Pricing and Delivery Schedule

Create a fee structure that provides you with enough income to make a living while also making it worthwhile for restaurants and customers to utilize your service.

Decide what delivery time you will guarantee for a customer to receive an order. Serving a limited geographic area will make it easier to resolve this issue.

Customers don’t like to wait longer than an hour after they place an order, but this time frame may be stressful and logistically challenging for your restaurant partners.

The food delivery business doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. As you plan your restaurant startup, be sure to develop your delivery service. Now that you know how important it will be to your bottom line, make it a priority during your startup phase.


Below is a unique example of a delivery menu. It’s essential to collect the delivery menu of your direct competition. If some have a large to go and delivery base of customers, they are doing something right, see if you can match or do a better job!

Japanese casual dining restaurant Ko Sushi created this little man as an eye-catching, unique part of its delivery service. The flyer features their delivery menu on the back, and a sushi man handling food items on the front. It gets slipped under the door with deliveries. It is a great way to highlight the freshness of their delivery sushi, and reference the hospitality offered by the restaurant.


As an experienced successful restaurant owner and caterer, I know how overwhelming it can be planning the opening of your business. Adding the delivery service in your plan is necessary.


My Corporate Catering business offered delivery and set up of foods off-premise. We had a small cafe and dining seating area in front and also delivered lunches to businesses in the area. Many days we’de provide single lunches, 15-25 or more to people at companies who were holding classes and meetings and also had people coming in to eat or take out. We had developed a system and the number of employees necessary to satisfy our customers and successfully grow a successful business. It was no easy task, and it took time to work out the bugs to get it to run smoothly!

The resources I offer can show you how to start a delivery service in addition to starting your restaurant. Start here right now TODAY.