It’s All About The Sizzle When Trying To Grab Restaurant Consumers’ Attention

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selling the sizzle

“Sell the sizzle, not the steak”?

 Sell the benefits, not the features!

What separates you from 100’s of other restaurants?

It’s well-known in marketing, advertising, and branding circles.

As a business owner, you have to work hard at knowing when to sell the sizzle and when to sell the steak.

How Do Grab Restaurant Consumers’ Attention?

What is it about your restaurant that sets it apart from competitors?

Make your restaurant’s concept, theme, and menu clear to your audience.

What’s your Sizzle?

Can you describe it?

Can you detail it?

You need to highlight what makes your restaurant different.   

Position your restaurant as an amazing eatery.

Be visible so your desired customers can find you.

Network with the key businesses and customers that need what you’re offering.

Become the go-to restaurant for your specialty or food skills.

Being noticed in the restaurant world, you have to WOW potential customers.

You need to show your customers what makes you different, along with what your restaurant can provide for THEM.

Then and only then, will they come to your restaurant?


Word of Mouth is still the best form of marketing, but before that can work in your favor, you must have a good sizzle.


How to achieve a good sizzle isn’t magic.

It’s differentiation!


In today’s sea of the same, you will never be successful unless you stand out!



What kind of restaurant concept are you?

Are you a fine dining, casual dining, fast casual dining or fast food restaurant?

What is special about your food and service?

Give them the complete package great food and excellent service. 

Is your restaurant theme memorable?

Keep them thinking about their restaurant experience and how much they enjoyed the atmosphere, not just the food.

Who needs and wants your restaurant concept?

Connect with your customer Emotionally.

How will they find out about your restaurant concept?

Know, where they get their information. 

These questions will help you find your sizzle!

Examples of industry sizzle attention grabbers!

The coffee industry is booming and has been for a while now. It’s also extremely competitive.

Name brands selling cups of java such as Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s, Panera, to mom and pop coffee shops to open mic coffee houses; coffee is hot, hot, hot and it’s no cooling down.

Look at what Dunkin Donuts did to show off their sizzle and stand out!

America runs on dunkin

CANTON, MASS. (April 10, 2006) – Dunkin’ Donuts unveiled a new, multi-million dollar advertising campaign that revolutionizes the brand’s position by focusing on how Dunkin’ Donuts keeps busy Americans fueled and on the go.

The sizzle – keeping busy Americans fueled and on the go.

“The new Dunkin’ Donuts brand essence is about invigorating the hard-working people that keep America running day-to-day,” said. John Gilbert, Dunkin’ Donuts vice president of marketing. “Dunkin’ Donuts as a brand appeals to a broad spectrum of customers demographically and is associated with high-quality products for a good value, a strong work ethic, and a grounded sense of our own identity. Because these are concepts that are also central to the American value system, we believe our customers will strongly identify with this campaign.”

They wanted to connect emotionally with the hard-working cross-section of Americans who keep this country running every day; from the construction worker to the office worker to the lawyer and so forth,” said Jeff Bonasia, Hill Holliday’s senior vice president and group account director.

‘America Runs on Dunkin’ speaks to the role they play in people’s lives, fueling them physically and emotionally, whether they’re at work or play.

It’s honest, direct and has a sense of humor! 

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