Six Hundred Pounds of BBQ – The Defensive Line Of The Houston Oilers Has Nothing On The Corkscrew BBQ

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The CORKSCREW BBQ trailer in Houston sells 600 pounds of BBQ a day!

Customers start lining up as early as 8 a.m. on the weekend for Buckman’s brisket, pork ribs, pulled pork, turkey, sausage and beef ribs. 

corkscrew diners

Corkscrew BBQ has received accolades from fellow Houston Food-writers such as Albert Nurick (aka HTownChowdown), Houston Chronicle Food Critic Alison Cook, as well as the Houston Press who awarded them Best Brisket in 2013.


corkscrew bbq

Sold -Out is an everyday occurrence at  the CORKSCREW BBQ trailer offering smoked turkey, brisket and ribs.

owners of corkscrew bbq

Owned and Operated by Will and Nichole Buckman, who live and breathe CORKSCREW BBQ.

They know that the most important thing is the customers!


Creating delicious fresh BBQ for them is top priority.  

bbq at corkscrew








The atmosphere is like being in your own backyard and will probably continue to stay that way.

corkscrew seating area

Six Hundred Pounds of BBQ -The Defensive Line Of The Houston Oilers Has Nothing On The Corkscrew BBQ


Their motto is “Quality over Quantity”.

bbq to go corkscrew

Many of the new Lone Star BBQ spots are housed in food trucks or trailers.

We offer a dining area and restrooms like any other restaurant, we just don’t have 4 walls.  We are inside out 🙂 We are not about making a fancy restaurant with cushy seats and black tie waiters, we are all about AWESOME BBQ.                    Our Focus is on the Food and Customer Service, period. 

If not having 4 walls holds you back, you are definitely missing out!

Poncho & Lefty 6.75
Juicy Sliced brisket with mayo & Pico de gallo
Tacos (2) 6.75
Choice of meat topped with fresh cabbage, pico de gallo and green chile ranch (no ribs)
Bob-Bert 6.75
Juicy sliced beef topped with green chile ranch Pico de gallo
The Whole Hog 10.95
Juicy pulled pork, topped with sliced sausage and pork rib(s)
1 meat sandwiches 6.50
Choose: Sliced Brisket. Chopped Brisket, Pulled Pork, Turkey or Sausage

MEAT BY THE LB. ¼ lb. ½ lb. Full Lb.
Sliced Brisket 4.95 8.95 16.50 (All Natural Angus hormone free)

Six Hundred Pounds of BBQ- The Defensive Line Of The Houston Oilers Has Nothing On The Corkscrew BBQ

A History of BBQ

The History of an American Institution draws on hundreds of sources to document the evolution of barbecue from its origins among Native Americans to its present status as an icon of American culture.


The Barbecue! Bible

bbq bible


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More than 500 of the very best barbecue recipes, inventive, delicious, unexpected, easy-to-make, and guaranteed to capture great grill flavors from around the world. Add in the full-color, and it’s a true treasure.

The best way is the way that you can’t help but dream about after you experience BBQ and it becomes an addiction… drenched in sweet, hot, mild or dry just the meat straight up this book isn’t called the BBQ Bible for Nothen….



Has CorkScrew BBQ joined Houston’s best?


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