Shaquille O’Neal and His Big Chicken Restaurant Team Are Shooting for the Stars!

Big Chicken, a fast-casual concept founded by basketball Hall of Famer and entrepreneur Shaquille O’Neal is making all the right moves!

The Fast-Casual restaurant serves fried chicken sandwiches and signature sauces, mac and cheese, as well as milkshakes and ice cream sandwiches.

A Las Vegas location features a full-service bar and a backyard-style gaming area.

He’ll be advertising and doing commercials for his own food business finally!

Like all smart entrepreneurs, Shaq called upon a solid team.

A group of successful and experienced business and restaurant people.

He is undeniably one of the best basketball players!

Shaquille O’Neil or a Regular Joe

If you’re a basketball Great like Shaquille O’Neil or a Regular Joe expert advice is a must when starting a restaurant.

Shaq is entering a whole new game in the restaurant and franchise industry.

He needs a full-court press and a talented team to WIN!

One part of the team is brothers Fazil Malik and Frank Malik. They are known for operating a construction company specializing in retail developments, gas stations, convenience stores, quick-serve, and sit-down restaurants.

The other team partner is Noordin Jhaver, CEO of Dew Real Estate Holdings L.L.C., a real estate company and owner/operator of over 50 Sonic restaurants.

And at the top of the key at Big Chicken is CEO Josh Halpern, who most recently served as chief sales officer for brewing company FIFCO USA.

Halpern has also worked for Anheuser-Busch InBev.
He built the strategy that led to the creation of 46 branded, licensed experiential zones in restaurants and bars in stadiums, airports, and hotels.

“Since we launched our first location in 2018, our goal has been to bring Big Chicken to people across the United States and beyond,” O’Neal said. “With Josh on board, we have big plans and are looking forward to sharing them soon.”

If you are a regular Joe like I was and want to open or are even thinking about opening a restaurant, you’re in the RIGHT place!

I started as a sole proprietor and eventually partnered with others to develop successful businesses.

My goal was to open a food industry business and I eventually opened four!

Not an easy feat but I took on my goal and never looked back.

That’s truly the way to become a successful entrepreneur.

Don’t look back and use your experiences good and bad to move forward.

A Forward Pass Into the Industry

That is the very reason I created Start Your Restaurant Business, to pay my experience forward!

My desire as an entrepreneur is to share my knowledge and experience so others can be successful!

I help others develop their restaurant ideas into a reality.

Shaq searched for professionals to help him with his businesses you can do the same by working with me.

There are plenty of books out there that tell you how to run a restaurant, very few specifically address the startup phase. Knowing what needs to be done during your startup phase will help avoid money problems, headaches, and stress when entering the food industry.

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