I want to say right from the start I have nothing against KRAFT, the makers of Cool Whip!
But if you’re serving it alongside a desert at a restaurant whose average entree price is $30 dollars that’s just not RIGHT. It doesn’t say much about the chef and in this case who also is the owner; it makes me question his skills, talent and fine dining experience.
I will not mention the restaurant’s name since I feel it will most likely become another food fatality, which started off with good intentions I’m sure!
Their YELP page was full of praise!
Maybe when they first opened the food, service and décor was spot on but it was not last night. Ok the décor had possibilities along with its Italian theme but it lost its flair as the service was slow and so were our food courses coming out of the kitchen. I will say my $8 glass of Merlot was very good. I’m still glad I didn’t opt for one of their $48 and up bottle of wines.

The first red flag at this fine dining establishment was the throw away napkins presented in their wine glasses! Granted they were quality throw aways.
Instead of fresh linen tablecloths they had glass tops to protect the plastic table cloths. That didn’t bother but if you’re not going to have real table cloths at least splurge and have REAL napkins.
Our meal was not spectacular but it wasn’t awful we won’t go back though or recommend the restaurant!
If you’re going to market yourself as a Fine Dining establishment and charge Fine Dining prices you better prove it with every menu item you put in front of each guest.
Our meal included a dessert which was a slice of Red Velvet Cake (delicious, I’d place a bet it wasn’t baked there) and a special touch of drizzled chocolate and raspberry sauce for a nice plate presentation was ruined by a side of unnecessary Cool Whip. I’m sorry but a Fine Dining Restaurant should go the extra mile and prepare fresh whip cream there is no excuse, it’s not rocket science and it’s not expensive or why even put anything in the whip cream family to accompany it.

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This brings me to why you should understand what a restaurant concept actually is!
I’m not sure why but many people are led to believe that the restaurant CONCEPT is the same as the restaurant’s THEME.
It definitely is NOT.
A restaurant’s CONCEPT can best be described as your restaurant’s business model.
A restaurant concept explains to the customer what cuisine to expect, how that cuisine will be cooked, how it will be served and what type of atmosphere it will be served in.
A fine dining restaurant clearly sets itself apart from the other restaurant models.

It’s cuisine, customer service and ambience must constantly be maintained at the highest levels. There is no room for error in fine dining, every aspect; from the wait staff to visual plate presentation to restroom cleanliness must be addressed.
Intertwining food and ambience is a must in fine dining establishments. You want to take your guests on a superb dining journey.
Extraordinary elegant clean flatware, hollowware and stemware should be placed on each table. It is also important to purchase superior quality products to create dishes that taste outstanding.

What’s inside the Original Cool Whip, Water, hydrogenated vegetable oil, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, skim milk, light cream and less than 2% sodium caseinate (a milk derivative), natural and artificial flavor, xanthan and guar gums, polysorbate 60, sorbitan monostearate and beta carotene.
Doesn’t sound like ingredients that should be served at a Fine Dining Restaurant.
I rest my case, serving Cool Whip Isn’t Cool At A Fine Dining Restaurant!

When you decide on your restaurant concept be sure you follow through with what your guests expect, if not they will not return!
It’s very clear, starting a fine dining restaurant requires a significant amount of money, perhaps more than most people are willing to invest.
If you’re interested in finding out more about restaurant concepts and which one you should open please click here for more information.

Bon Appetit!