Second Most Important Item On The Menu? It’s The Music Selection

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Each piece of background music for a restaurant ought to be chosen with as much care as each ingredient for the day’s specials.  BRUCE BUSCHEL- Editor for The New York times

Eating out can be one of life’s great pleasures. When we can afford it, we love to treat ourselves to a dining experience with all its pleasures: Attentive waiters, shiny cutlery, good wine (and no cleaning up afterwards) and let’s not forget about nice background music.

Eating through our ears makes food taste better!

Second Most Important Item On The Menu? It’s The Music Selection

The Music Definitely Helps Enhance This Restaurants Commercial & Atmosphere!

Maybe I have a bit more insight to the combination, I’m a Chef and a Musician and a Sometime DJ! I love food and music so it makes sense to me that the combo should produce a wonderful and satisfying outcome!

The effects of music on the enjoyment of food hasn’t been properly studied in a scientific way before. But recently published research in the Journal of Culinary Science & Technology has just changed that.

Heston Blumenthal is famous for his scientific approach to pushing forward the boundaries of the dining experience.

Of course I want to create food that is delicious, but this depends on so much more than simply what’s going on in the mouth-context, history, nostalgia, emotion, memory and the interplay of sight, smell, sound and taste all play an important part in our appreciation and enjoyment of food. Heston Blumenthal


Eating is a Multisensory Experience

Listen to Chef Heston Blumenthal


Using a bit of Blumenthal science three hospitality gurus set up an experiment to find out whether music could change eating experiences.

Second Most Important Item On The Menu? It’s The Music Selection

Can background sounds  fundamentally change the eating experience?

The Musical Eating Experiment

They invited groups of hungry diners for a free restaurant meal.

The only thing these diners needed to do besides enjoy a wonderful meal for free was complete a ‘dining satisfaction survey’ afterwards: A detailed questionnaire that would examine in detail their dining experience.

The researchers made some changes to the dining room. They installed a hidden network of speakers with sets of sound monitors so that throughout the meal they could precisely monitor and control background noise and music levels.

Four seating’s of men and women were served the same meal in identical restaurant settings. But for each group, the music volume and ‘background chatter’ levels were tweaked. And although these changes to the ‘soundscape ‘were small, they resulted in some dramatic changes to the pleasure of eating…

The most remarkable finding was the effect that silence had – it actually took away the enjoyment of eating!

In a music-less environment, the sound monitors recorded only the quiet clink of cutlery and glass toasting – but all the volunteers reacted by saying it was very noisy!

It seems that in the absence of ambient sounds, the restaurant setting became a very uncomfortable place to be.

Clearly, sound can alter our appreciation for food! 

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Second Most Important Item On The Menu? It’s The Music Selection



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