Say You Want A Fast Casual Pizza Revolution? Well You Know We All Want To Have A Slice!

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pizza revolution

Say You Want A Fast Casual Pizza Revolution? Well You Know We All Want To Have A Slice!

The fast casual pizza segment is one of the hottest industry trends.

It’s changing the way we  eat and experience pizza. It’s also giving people who are passionate about owning their own pizza place and becoming their own boss a reality!

This past May I was on vacation up in western NY just about an hour from the Canadian border. We stayed in some (bare minimum) cabins up at a beautiful campground away from the real world and real food. I guess I should say real coffee, if you are one of those people that NEED to start your day off with some Java. Yes I’m going somewhere with this and fast casual pizza is still my main focal point.

Once we rolled out of bed got our morning campfire going we had to find some coffee, thus our treasure find “the best breakfast pizza” in the real world.

breakfast pizzaBreakfast-Pizza-2-FB

We discovered this gas station Crosby’s up the road a piece (needed to take the car) that had a variety of coffees, one called “high energy” which we quickly became addicted to, but the aroma of their breakfast pizza /calzone menu was one of the best finds of our entire vacation.


crosby's in calledonia

It may not look like your average pizza place cause it’s not! But once you step inside you’re transformed into a C-Store with a Pizza Twist and pretty much anything you might have forgotten at the grocery store you’ll find on their shelves or refrigerated/freezer area.

Many of our early mornings sitting by our camp fire while on vacation, consisted of high energy coffee and one of the many breakfast pizza or calzone options on their menu.

breakfast calzone


I would have like to have tried their regular pizzas but we cooked out on our fire pit most of the time and went into town and ate the local diner. We plan on going back next year and definitely trying their pizza for lunch!

Come to find out Crosby’s is owned by Reid a full service, independent marketer supplying transportation fuels and related services to retail convenience stores and commercial businesses throughout New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio.  Reid also operates the chain of retail convenience stores under the Crosby’s® name.

Gas & Pizza have become a famous combination in more ways than one.

Who Knew!

I didn’t want to forget to mention before moving onto the next part of this post that on the way to Crosby’s, we did enjoy the beautiful farm land, and hills with frolicking deer, chipmunks, and beavers that crossed our path during our early morning rides to our fast casual breakfast pizza place

Fast Casual Pizza Franchises are experiencing tremendous growth throughout the country.

But most franchise companies have stringent guidelines, want you to commit to multiple unit development, have limited markets available and have tough requirements on liquid capital.

So for those who truly desire to own a Fast Casual Pizza Concept but can’t afford a franchise ownership don’t give up we have some great advice and services you can turn to.

There are tens of thousands of pizza restaurants in the U.S., with an unusually large number of independents operating in the business. There’s plenty of room your Fast Casual Pizza Place too!

Fast-Casual pizza is more like a sandwich concept or a burger restaurant. The pizzas are typically individual sized, making it tougher to feed a large group. Yet the quality of the fast-casual pizza places, their speed of service and their ease of customization make the restaurants perfect for a dinner out or a lunch during the workday. People are looking at pizza for lunch like never before. People who are on the go, or get tied up at the office, are thinking of pizza at lunch time.

Traditional pizzerias, large chains or small kitchens each need a different type of commercial pizza oven to meet the demands of their concept and their clientele.

Each type of oven demands different sources of power and have various cooking times and methods to create distinctly different types of pizza.

Pizza is the NOW go-to entrée, so with the innovative technology of the very hot oven, fast casual pizza places are able to offer a pizza that previously took 10 or 15 minutes to make to just 3 minutes. This changes the whole pie playing field, especially for lunch, by filling a niche to offer consumers a quality quick served pizza; they can now enjoy one of their favorite foods with minimal waiting time.

Tips & Advice

The TurboChef Oven.


It’s not expensive considering it’s you major piece of equipment that brings in the dough!

It doesn’t require a hood/ansel system, produces consistent product, cooks a variety of crust types and can also make desserts and salad shells. You can be assured that oven technology will continue to evolve and will continue to drive the fast-growing fast casual pizza segment.


Since 1991, TurboChef Technologies, Inc. has pioneered the world of rapid cooking. With innovation and top performance in mind, TurboChef has redefined cooking efficiency by designing rapid-cook ovens that are versatile, user-friendly, and save energy.

TurboChef ovens cook faster and produce consistent results without compromising quality.

turbochef conveyor oven

Master the Art of How to Make Pizza!

pizza school

Yes there is such a school for you to attend to become a Dr. of the Pizza Business. Learn all the fundamentals of dough making.

The training is one on one with a Master Trainer! They also cover sauce making and pizza toppings. The classes are provided in a real restaurant atmosphere. The students leave with complete knowledge of how to make dough, sauce and incredible pizza. You learn all the basic principles that allow you to always make perfect pizza.

They also offer a more advanced class that incorporates operational management training and custom pizza menu development.

This class deals with food cost, par sheets, inventory control, waste control quality control and training.

It also provides the student with gourmet sauce training in their learning kitchen for specialty pizza development. This course allows a person to grasp all the fundamentals of the operation side business and gives you an excellent start in the management aspect of pizza operations. At course graduation will be a pizza master and be able to train others in your own place on all the basics.

If need help with developing your theme or menu for your pizza place Start Your Restaurant Business can guide you through the very important segments that will help you start and become a successful Fast Casual Pizza Place. Contact us TODAY.


When the moon-hits-your-eye-like-big-pizza-pie-in-five-minutes! Check this post out!


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