Road Test Your Restaurant Idea in a Food Truck

From New York to Seattle, entrepreneurs have been building their reputation in a food truck before opening a restaurant.

With a forty percent chance of success in the first year, starting a restaurant (as with many small businesses) is a risky venture.

Often soon to be owners have a great restaurant idea and lots of motivation but little knowledge or experience of the restaurant industry.

One Way to Obtain this Experience is to Start Small!

I feel that starting a food truck before opening a full restaurant can be a way to help improve your chances of opening and maintaining a successful restaurant.

The costs involved in opening a restaurant vary based on the business model you develop.

Opening a casual dining establishment can start at 250K and can run into more.

Opening a food truck using the same type of menu can cost as little as $50,000.

By starting small, you will learn many of the same lessons in a truck as you would in a restaurant.

Operating any foodservice business is risky, but if your idea fails, would you rather have a smaller investment to lose than a much larger one?

A food truck allows an entrepreneur to make modifications to their cuisine as easily as it is to find a new location to park in.

How Food Truck Can Lead to a Successful Restaurant

Once finding a menu that works, you will be able to build up a base of customers that will likely follow you into your new restaurant.

A food truck helps you work through the kinks it will make your restaurant run smoothly when you’re ready to find a permanent location!

It will give you insight into how to improve your operational systems that will eventually translate into your restaurant.

Finding the best location for a restaurant is one of the key ingredients to operating a successful restaurant.

By operating a food truck in your local area, you will gain an understanding of where your customers are coming from, and how to bring a restaurant into their neighborhood.

Once again, by running a food truck, you can speak with your customers and get to know them.

You’ll find out where they live or work.

This is invaluable data that can only be tested if your concept is mobile.

By opening a food truck before opening a restaurant, you have helped yourself in beating the odds.

You will know ahead of time what a typical start-up restaurateur has to deal with.

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