Your Restaurants Merchandise Can Add To Your Bottom Line

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Your Restaurants Merchandise Can Add To Your Bottom Line

It’s hard to find restaurants with merchandise you want. I urge restaurant owners to pay close attention to this opportunity for added revenue, brand and theme enhancement and stronger customer engagement. A walking human billboard is a sure way to get your restaurant’s name out there.

A considerable amount of establishments miss opportunities to create that extra revenue stream.

Remember food is only one part of the restaurant success equation.

Profits from merchandising go straight to the bottom line since no extra labor is needed. “There’s no food prep, cooking, serving or cleaning up afterward. You just hand over the item and take the customer’s money with a friendly thank you and, “please come again.”

Remember Every time the customers come across your signature merchandise at home; they are reminded of your restaurant!

Merchandising will take your recognition one step further. But, of course, you must make certain the items you offer to complement the restaurant’s image. Being true to your brand is the most important consideration in a merchandising effort.

If you’re a specialty coffee house and have created a roast sell the home-brew beans along with mugs that have you name on it.

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Allow guests to take home specialty bottled sauces, spice blends or salad dressings.

You might consider working with a food manufacturer and grocery retailer to get your signature products on local supermarket shelves.

Many BBQ restaurants use a tasty herb dry rub mixture or a BBQ sauce, and some sell them to diners at the table, boosting check averages.

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Branded t-shirts, sweatshirts and baseball caps are the most common items, usually offered in the casual segment. When you sell clothing with your logo on it, your patrons are paying to advertise for you.

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One of the most effective signature products is a restaurant’s cookbook.  It can serve as a valuable promotional tool as well as a major source of additional revenue.

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Here are two restaurants taking their merchandise

and their creativity and using it in a very positive way…


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Surly Brewery in Minneapolis

Our philosophy- “Make great beer. Have fun.

Give a Damn about your community.”

Getting the word out about this cool brewery is not too difficult when their patrons adorn the cool merchandise they offer. Merchandise not only helps their bottom line but it gives them extra income to help out in their community. It’s truly a win-win situation!


Our mission is to “tap” Surly Nation’s goodwill and passion for giving back and supporting our community. We follow through with this mission with donations of Surly beer and swag to local businesses and charitable organizations in need, and with ongoing opportunities for our volunteers to participate in service projects throughout the year.

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Your Restaurants Merchandise Can Add To Your Bottom Line

Offering the right merchandise will provide supplemental income for your restaurant and increase customer engagement without spending a dime on traditional advertising.

You’ll find that restaurant guests are willing to pay for something that has your name on it. It will enhance their experience and create a memory.

And best of all, it’s only available in one place, your restaurant!

Oakland’s Locol’s beanies, hoodies and comics, don’t just help their bottom line it helps their local community.


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