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Restaurants & Car Dealerships Share Three Important Philosophy’s And Even The Same Showroom

Customer Service

One good customer service experience can change the entire perception a customer holds towards the restaurant and car dealership.

Customer Satisfaction

Within a restaurant and car dealership, customers satisfaction ratings can have powerful effects. In a competitive marketplace where restaurants and car dealerships compete for customers, customer satisfaction is seen as a key differentiator and increasingly has become a key element of businesses strategies.

 Customer Pricing Satisfaction

Businesses have three options when setting the price for a product or service: set it below the competition, at the competition or above the competition.

Above the competition pricing requires the business to create an environment that warrants the higher price, quality or extras.

Founder of Sonny’s BBQ Shares His Philosophy

Since 1968

“The idea is to make people happy,” Tillman said. “You’ve got to start with a good product — the best quality meat, use good wood to smoke it, then cook it slow and easy with tender loving care, and present it well. It’s pretty simple, and it works whether you’re in a restaurant or your own backyard.”

Tillman also recommends that all cooks consider their audience. He said his sauces are perfect examples of knowing your audience. “A lot of men like a very hot, fiery sauce, but we feed a lot of women and children, who don’t like their barbecue sauce that hot. So, with five sauces, we can pretty much please everybody. I think that’s the key: You’re not cooking for yourself, you’re cooking for other people and you have to keep that in mind.”

Thelen Honda Dealership of  Bay City MI

Since 1977

The Thelen family insists on integrity and strong customer service both before and after the sale.

Pat Thelen the owner is available to speak to, at any time for any reason. If you have questions, comments, or concerns about your experience with Thelen Honda, they strongly suggest that you contact them.

“Our personal guarantee is that you’ll feel like family at Thelen!”

In addition to providing superior service to their customers, they also believe in giving back to the community where they live. Thelen Honda is a proud sponsor of the several local organizations, events, and charities.

Twin Creeks Café, a Restaurant Inside a Car Dealership

Frank Motor Co. in Fort Worth, Texas, a Dealer of Honda Cars

Why Not! Since they share similar Philosophies…Just when you think you’ve heard about the most unusual restaurant theme, here’s another a car dealership showroom becomes one of today’s trendy dining sites.

While most auto companies install vending machines in their shops, there are those that take a leap, such as siblings Corrie Watson and Will Churchill who hopes to turn Twin Creeks Café into a dining place that would be the best there is in Fort Worth.

“Our recent re-branding proved to be very helpful to our customers,” said Corrie Watson, co-owner of the dealership. “Feedback, so far, has been very positive. They happen to love the convenience we are giving them, and they love our healthy options. We’ve also been receiving requests for catering.”


A car dealer restaurant is a complete new idea, and has indeed become a trend in recent years.

Auto dealers and restaurateurs have partnered together in auto malls, which also include many types of retailers, including fast food units and fine dining restaurants.

There’s one posh place named Bistro 33 in a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Placer County California, and the upscale Dal Toro, a restaurant atop a Lamborghini dealership in Las Vegas.

What will they think of next? 

Sometimes two businesses are better than one!

Standing out from the competition is one of the hardest things to do in both of these businesses. Finding a way to  do it is possible, it just takes some innovative and creative thinking.

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