During these past 14 months, restaurants have had to transform how they operate not only to just survive but to profit during the pandemic!

There really should be one more word to describe Restaurant Superhero’s,  perseverance!

The most heartbreaking thing for me as a restaurant startup consultant was how the pandemic put a halt to so many entrepreneurs’ dreams.

I know a lot of soul-searching and hours go into deciding to open a business.

To have your dreams crushed in this way is unmanageable!

How anybody can feel confident about starting ANY business let alone the FOOD business in such uncertain times.

If you want to own a restaurant, you BETTER have some Superhero DNA!

Those restaurants that “Transformed Operated Survived Profited” during the pandemic, you can bet your life they have that DNA!

How about those invincible Superheroes who had the guts to start a restaurant during the pandemic!

Not Everyone Is Made To Be An Entrepreneur

But if you have the interest to be one you owe it to yourself to a least explore it.

Believe me, you will know right away if you’re a fit and if you have the DNA to be one.

One way to find out if you have what it take to be a restauranteur is to take my assessment.

The goal of this assessment is to find anything that can give you an advantage as a restaurant owner.

Your free assessment can help you make sure your eyes are wide open before you begin your business.

But more than that, a personal inventory of your strengths and weaknesses can help you:

decide if your passion for making people happy through food is enough to carry you through the long hours and hard work required to create a restaurant.

You must really think about what you want before you head down Restaurant Startup Lane because the road can get mighty bumpy.

Take the first step to create a solid plan for success based on a proven step-by-step process, so that you can give your restaurant its best chance at being a big hit!

If you’re looking to enter the restaurant industry as prepared as you can be, start with a free personal assessment.

To your success!

Meet Three Superhero Restaurants!

I thought it would be important to share some of these success stories,

Perhaps they will give some of you an incentive NOT to give up on your dream.

~Eric Rivera runs Addo, a busy restaurant with constantly changing offerings, from inexpensive homestyle Puerto Rican to high-end, multicourse meals with wine pairings. Like many owners, he had to pivot to delivery and takeout only.

His restaurant sales for the first two weeks of March were double the amount for the same period last year. He also doubled his staff to 10 since the beginning of the month and was looking to hire more. Find out how he did it!

~David Lin restaurants pivoted to carry out and deliver, Lin said his bubble tea and coffee shops saw a sharp decline in demand.

He closed two of his businesses in Ann Arbor in the spring of last year because of a sharp decline in sales. The owner of Bubble Island and the CEO of the Midwest coffee chain Espresso Royale, Lin said he saw business change overnight.

“Sales dropped 90% during the pandemic, the last week that Bubble Island was open, it was so depressing,” said Lin. “Usually, we’d do something like $3,000 that day and we did $30. Unfortunately, when you look at those kinds of numbers, it’s really hard to think that you’re going to be able to survive such a thing.” Find out what Lin did to save his coffee chain.

~Camson Matthews opened  The Butcher’s Son a local butcher and restaurant in Corning NY during the pandemic and is thriving! Despite all odds, one local man took a chance and started his first butcher shop and restaurant.