Restaurants Are For the People, Run By People & About the People

Try to remember that you may own your restaurant, but so does your customer.

You work for your customers because if you do not satisfy them, your competitors will.

Once you understand that you work for the customer, you will also realize you work for your employees too.

If you put your energies on finding good people from the start, you will not worry about hiring new ones. Think about it this way, your biggest competitive edge beside your cuisine is outstanding employees.

It Is a People Business!

Restaurants Are For the People, Run By People & About the People

Be good at what the customers want.

Be good at what your employee’s need.

Be good to your suppliers.

Be good to yourself.

Many times people view restaurant startups as failures waiting to happen.

There is a negative perception of startups because many are here today, gone tomorrow.

If you are the person who wants to start a successful restaurant for the people, three things you NEED to do!

  • You need to develop a cuisine customers want.
  • You need to hire good employees.
  • You need to find fair and honest suppliers.

Most startups that fail do because they fail at one of those things.

When starting a restaurant, you have a million things going on and making smart decisions is challenging.

I know starting a restaurant is hard; I’ve been in your shoes.

It’s tough to start a startup, and it’s tough to run a restaurant when the statistics show 90% of startups fail; 80% of restaurants fail in the first five years.

Nothing is more rewarding than being part of encouraging and teaching others how to start and run successful food businesses. Let me show you why these three things are necessary!

 1- Defining Potential Customers Begin During the Startup!

The one thing every startup needs more than a great marketing campaign is a target audience that wants what you’re cooking.

What cuisine will draw people to your restaurant?

What will be your distinctive ingredients and how will your food be prepared?

You should give a lot of thought and consideration to your cuisine especially if this your first attempt at your restaurant.

To generate a steady flow of customers and build a thriving restaurant, you need sufficient information about your target market. Understanding who your potential customers are, where they come from, and what characteristics they share will help you develop your restaurant and your services.

Clearly defining your potential customer can help you when you start researching a location for your restaurant.

Your cuisine and your customer must go hand in if you are going to be successful!

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2-Hiring Good Employees Begin During the Startup!

Create a restaurant environment of care for your employees and they, in turn, will care about your customers and the growth of your business.

I come from a breed of restaurant entrepreneurs that believe your employees are just as valuable as your customers. There is no such thing as a labor crisis but a turnover crisis! Treat people the way you would want to be treated, and you’ll have a better chance of employee retention.

The hiring process can be daunting but if you have a system and the right people doing the interviewing you will find the best people.

Define your staffing needs. Many new owners wait on this task since there are so many other steps that need to be done, many times staffing gets put to the bottom of the list don’t let that happen.

All jobs have a specific skill set and talent to do them well. Find good people to fill your new restaurant positions that will help establish your new restaurant and ensure continued success for years to come.

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 3- Finding Fair and Honest Suppliers and Distributors Begin During the Startup!

Once you have a draft of your first menu, created your recipes and have completed your inventory master list, it is time to meet with your potential distributors.

Be sure to get more than one distributor’s price quotes so you can do some comparison pricing.

Don’t be afraid to ask for samples also.

Distributors will be vying for your business it is common for potential restaurant owners to connect with territory sales reps and sample their companies’ products.

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  • You need to develop a cuisine customers want.
  • You need to hire good employees.
  • You need to find fair and honest suppliers.

If you want to be a restaurant owner, these three insights will help you better understand what you need do to have any chance of being a success.

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