Restaurant Branding Will Help You Find Dedicated Employees

In the restaurant industry, having a good brand and a reliable reputation is a way to attract dedicated employees!

A report by Running found that 24 percent of people seeking jobs check out customer reviews. They want to see what people love about the restaurant.










Not Only Make Your Restaurant Relevant to Customers But  To Your Employees

I know you want to run a successful, profitable restaurant!

Like many other new businesses, the failure rate is exceptionally high. According to reports, 50 percent of new restaurants fail within the first year. And nearly 80 percent shut before their fifth year.

If you start right and put together branding ideas and strategies, you can be part of the growth happening in the industry.

Your profit margins will soar when your brand and staff combine their efforts.

All Effective Strategies Begin and End With Your Target Customers

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Once you’ve identified them, you need to build your restaurant’s brand with them in mind. Even when you are putting your interviewing specifications in place, think about the staff you want to employ. Their experience and personalities will need to align and accommodate your target customers’ needs and wishes.

Your brand will reflect the types of customers you will draw. Your staff must be in tune and excited about being part of your brand. When you know what you’re looking for in an employee, ask questions in the interview that will help you find the right ones.

The chefs, cooks, waiters, bartenders, and hosts are responsible for the reputation of your brand.

Finding great employees is not easy, so knowing what type of individual you are looking for when you interview candidates can make a hiring process less stressful and successful.

Here Are THREE Tips For Hiring Employees to Match Your Brand

~ First and foremost, don’t hire someone that has a resume for more than two pages.

Having worked in many places is never a good sign. Any more than three or four jobs in the last ten years are a red flag, unless, of course, if there is a life reason that can be verified.

If you know the companies they have worked for in the past, that can help.

~Find out who they are in their life, not just in their work life.

Do they have kids, or are they planning on having kids soon? Are they family-oriented and spend time with their parents and grandparents. Do they have close friends they consider family? Are they volunteers for any organization in the community?

The ability to be well rounded in life seems to affect whether or not a person can be productive during their work hours. You want to know that they are qualified for a position, but you also want to know what kind of values they have in everyday life.

~What does their voice sound like on the phone or in-person is it energetic and excited or unenthusiastic and low energy. A sign of low power is undoubtedly a red flag in the restaurant industry. No sense of urgency and energy are two positive characteristics for not hiring someone.

Let’s face it they’re not meant for a high energy and multi-tasking career.


When I worked at Houlihan’s back in the ’80s (my first restaurant job), the management staff picked an employee of the month. It was the first time I got recognized for my skills and the positive work ethic I possessed. It didn’t matter what position you held, whether you where the dishwasher, prep cook, or host/greeter, you would be chosen for your excellent job performance.

Start The Hiring Process Early and Take Your Time

The interview process and training experience at Houlihan’s was the most professional I’ve had in my career.

I felt fortunate that they hired me; I had only six months of food handling experience at a deli and they hired me.

They saw something in me that was a good match for their brand.

They branded themselves as an American Casual Restaurant with locations operating throughout the country and have been doing it since 1972.

A successful restaurant will attract a higher caliber of employees.

Still, to achieve that, it’s critical to develop a goal-oriented and enjoyable working environment.

When you have your staff, you have to train them well, right from the start about your brand, and teach them how to act by its values.

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