Red, Red Wine Why Not White For Your Restaurant This Summer

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Why does red wine get all the attention, certainly it is not the red headed stepchild of wine.

“A bottle of red, a bottle of white it all depends on your appetite I’ll meet you any time you want in our Italian Restaurant.” – Billy Joel I’m from Long Island too so I’m partial to this talented musician, can’t help plugging his lyrics and why not we’re talking wine here…(by the way GREAT album/CD “The Stranger”)

It should be about your appetite and not because RED WINE is better for you or it’s what true wine drinkers drink so there!

Red, Red Wine Why Not White For Your Restaurant This Summer

Every restaurant’s bar these days seem to have a daily special libation menu. If the kitchen staff can flaunt their creativity, let your bartender’s show off their skills and add to the bottom line as well :)?

I was searching for a twist on the old summer standby “sangria” it is after all summer here in unseasonably warm Florida, we’ve already hit 90 a few times and it’s not even June 21!

Summer is the right time to rediscover white wine!

What better way to soothe your customer’s taste buds and body temp, then with a new version of an old friendly summer cocktail.

Meet the new white sangria you will want on a coaster at your bar or at the next BBQ you host in your backyard.

The Blonde Bombshell Twist- White Peach Sangria


White wine sangria’s are as versatile as you want them to be. Get creative and don’t hold back! “Secrete” to a successful batch is allowing the fruits and liquids to marry for a while before serving. Don’t you just love indulging on fruits that get you loopy before the glass is emptied…Wine, liquor, fruit, and fizz oh my!

ALWAYS use a decent bottle to anchor the recipe. Try a chenin blanc or a pinot grigio.

The Blonde Bombshell Twist- White Peach Sangria

1 bottle of wine

white wine

¼ cup orange liqueur (Cointreau, Grand Marnier)

¼ of citrus vodka (I dare you)

¼ of Seagram’s Wild Grape vodka (I double dare you)

1 lemon juiced

4 medium peaches cut into ½-inch pieces

Combine lemon juice, liqueur, and peaches let them elope for a while (decide by tasting after an  hour or two to see if they are happy together) then pour in the wine, stir gently, and serve immediately.

Serves- 8

Quick Educational Di-sect of a Grape for your pleasure!

grape disected

Before ending this post, I thought I would give a salute to white wine-making regions, that are getting some high merits.

Soon this Spanish wine-making region La Rioja will get its well-deserved salute and toast. Better known for its aged reds more producers are converting their vineyards to growing the white viura grape.

Suggestions – Tierra Rioja Alavesa Blanco, a wine best paired with roast chicken or salmon. If you’re watching your wallet, from the family owned Muriel winery in the medieval Basque village of Elciego comes the zesty Muriel Blanco.

Greece is not the word when thinking wine, but you are missing some of the best country’s whites. The crispness comes from the unusual environment they are grown.

The Santorini’s grape clusters are grown on a basket very low to the ground near the island’s volcanic soil. Suggestion – Considered a world-class grape TODAY, Alpha Estate Malagousia is a medium-bodied dry whites that pair well greens, feta, and fresh(a sheep and cow’s milk whey cheese from Greece) Mizithra.

I’d like to give a shout out to the sunny climate of Sicily where producers have been trying to protect grapes with leafy canopies and new farming procedures. This preserves the acidity and allows them to be aromatic.

Suggestion – SurSur Grillo, once known for making Marsala that has become out of fashion (great for cooking, adding to any sautéed dish can surely kick it up a notch) but when magically vinified, this grape turns into a fragrant, fruity white. A must try all by itself or with seafood it does after all come from an island.

Hope by this time you are thirsty for a Blonde Bombshell Sangria Twist or perhaps any white wine it all depends on your appetite.

For a more in-depth look at the Wine Grape Varietal Table Click here.



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