Pop Up Technology and “Internet Restaurants” 

Essentially, internet restaurant only accepts incoming orders via online ordering systems and provides no dining facilities.

Thinking about starting your restaurant in Cloud Kitchen, Ghost Kitchen, or Virtual Kitchen?

So, what exactly are these kitchens?

In a nutshell, they are kitchens (scale-down restaurants) that deliver food to customers only.

They have their online ordering website and online ordering app or accept orders through various food delivery platforms.

The primary source of revenue for these types of “internet restaurants” is through various food ordering platforms.

If you want to start a restaurant this may be the best avenue to take before investing in an actual Brick -n- Mortar location!

The risk is minimal, and it will allow you to see if your cuisine will be well accepted in your community.

Traditional Restaurants VS. Cloud, Ghost, Virtual Kitchens

If you are in the process of or planning to open a restaurant you may want to research the advantages of starting with one of the above Kitchen options.

Traditionally a restaurant’s rent is its biggest cost!

A prime location will bring more foot traffic, making the restaurant more money.

But prime-location rents can take a huge bite out of your profits.

Especially in the beginning phase of your restaurant where watching your pennies is extremely important.

These types of kitchens’ initial costs are only a small fraction of that of a traditional restaurant.

You do not have to sign an expensive lease or train a large staff.

Furthermore, you do not need the indoor furnishings or any decorations that typically come with a regular restaurant.

So, the initial setup cost is substantially lower compared to traditional restaurants.

Expanding Space and Cuisine in a Cloud Kitchen Is Cheaper

Traditional restaurants have several seats which leads to a large expense.

Because Cloud Kitchens usually are in cheaper square footage areas already, if you need more kitchen space, all it takes is just renting out another kitchen block of space. A lot less of an expense than having to add more sit-down areas.

Even if you cannot rent equipment at your location, purchasing it, and increasing square footage is cheaper for cloud kitchens compared to traditional restaurants.

You need business sense to run a successful restaurant, but the food being creative and delicious is a huge part of the success.

Without a brick-and-mortar dining location to renovate, front-of-house staff, paper menus to reprint, and all other costs of operating a restaurant, you can also try out new brands and cuisines with less effort and expense.

“Internet Restaurants” Are Pop Up Technology Restaurants

Cloud kitchens are technology-led, data-driven entities BUT good food is key!

It appears it is more important to be tech-savvy because the only way to get customers for a cloud kitchen is by using technology.

You get data-driven information with delivery apps.

Customer ratings and reviews decide where you will rank on a delivery app, which decides just how many customers you will get.

Regardless of if you have a brick-and-mortar or are in a cloud kitchen, you will still need to pay more attention to what customers like and what they do not like.

It is easier to optimize a cloud kitchen business due to easier access to data compared to traditional restaurants.

For example, you can predict what items will be in higher demand around what time and start some preparation in advance for faster delivery times.

Analytics, marketing channels, and mobile apps are vital parts of a cloud kitchen business. The technology and data-driven apps can be integrated directly into your point-of-sale systems. Being tech-savvy is a necessity to be a successful cloud kitchen restaurateur.

Start Your Restaurant Business

There you have it, hopefully, the information I have shared with you will assist you in deciding if this is the startup route for you.

Whether you feel strongly about starting your restaurant in a cloud kitchen, remember the traditional restaurant concept is not going anywhere.

The industry appears to be divided into two distinct concepts, sit-down restaurants, and delivery-only restaurants.

Either way, starting a restaurant no matter where you locate or how you serve your food, still needs to be planned out and researched.

Whatever path you take to start your restaurant, Cloud Kitchen or Brick and Mortar you still need to know how to start one.

Let Me Help You Start Your Restaurant

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