Do you want to cook in your own restaurant regularly, it’s great publicity to be seen actually cooking by your guests!

If you intend to spend a lot of time running your kitchen the next important position you will need to hire is a restaurant manager. It is humanly impossible to do both!

As a working restaurant owner, you depend on your manager to keep your restaurant running efficiently and to handle any problems that come up with guests or staff.

It’s crucial you hire a restaurant manager you trust. Besides their experience in the business, there are also certain qualities you should look for when hiring a new restaurant manager.

Because it is a high-paced position that requires long hours and lots of human interaction, it isn’t a position for everybody. Even if they have the education and the skills, they might not have the right personality to thrive in this type of hectic environment.

The Seven Top Traits to Look for When Hiring A Restaurant Manager

1. A People Person

This is not a job for an introverted person who’d rather hide in the office instead of interacting with staff and customers.  Whether it is a dissatisfied guest or a problem employee, you want a take-charge problem-solving person. A person who knows how to diffuse the situation, so it does not have a negative impact on the restaurant’s image or other employees.

Being a people person also means knowing how to encourage and inspire your staff to step up and always do their best. When they have a manager, that truly cares about them, they will be more likely to work harder for that person. You want a restaurant manager who knows how to make each person feel valued.

2. Good Problem-Solver

In the restaurant business, a manager must have the ability to think quickly on their feet. Every day, you never know what problems might crop up and you must deal with them quickly and efficiently without getting overwhelmed and stressed.

3. Physical Stamina

The restaurant manager is usually the first one in and the last one out of the restaurant and will usually have to help in either in the kitchen or in the dining room when there is not enough staff to cover the crowd of guests so physical stamina is a must! He or she needs to be able to be on their feet for long hours and to be able to lift heavy objects.

4. Innovative

A manager should not be afraid of change! They should be aware of industry trends and not be afraid to put new technology in place to improve business They need the ability to think outside the box and find creative solutions.

5. Passion

It’s no secret the best restaurant managers or employees are those who love what they do and will always give a 110% because of that. Passion usually means a positive attitude and that can be contagious and help lift up all the employees. The truth be told it is your passion for a job that keeps you going.

6. Organized

You want someone who will keep all important bills and paperwork in order so that no important deadlines are missed. A messy workspace will only add to the daily chaos of restaurant life. When employees don’t get paid because the manager didn’t put the payroll in on time, this causes a lot of problems.

From payroll to paying the electrical bill to balancing the budget, a good restaurant manager should be skilled at bookkeeping. Too many mistakes could financially ruin a business. Your restaurant manager should also always have the bottom line in mind when making any decision related to the restaurant. All decisions should be geared to improving the bottom line.

7. A Good Delegator

A strong and confident leader knows that they can’t do everything themselves and do it well. It is all about team work. For a restaurant to be successful, the manager needs to be able to delegate duties and inspire hard work and loyalty in the staff. If a manager likes to take all the credit for him or himself that is usually a red flag.

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Now that you know and can identify some of the essential traits a restaurant manager should have, you can see besides yourself; they are the most critical positions in the restaurant.

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