What Does Palm Springs, Millennials, and Restaurant Startups Have In Common?

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What Does Palm Springs, Millennials, and Restaurant Startups

Have In Common?


By the time it was incorporated in 1938, the Village of Palm Springs had become world-famous as a winter playground for Hollywood stars like Frank Sinatra, Marlene Dietrich, Bob Hope, Loretta Young.

Today’s stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Dakota Fanning, Halley Berry and Gwen Stefani continue to seek rest and relaxation just hours away from the Hollywood glitz.

European royalty and business tycoons all come to enjoy the endless sunshine and serenity of the desert.

Once known for LA’s treasured vacation town Palm Springs actually has a year round population of 46,000.

YES people live there and grow up there!

And some are even returning after leaving!

Especially the children of the ’80s — aka millennial’s


Many millennials commonly leave the desert after graduating high school, only to return for the holidays. Recently there has been a return of these young deserts, deserters.

Seems there has been a transformation taking over this retiree oasis this past decade. One of the reasons is Coachella Valley Music Festival. The fest is held about 35 minutes from Palm Springs. Local millennial’s who once left for college and greener pastures because it wasn’t a cool enough to live there are suddenly having a change of heart.

Coachella is one of the millennial generation’s coolest music fests! It’s cool enough to tempt some of those natives back to their hometown to start their own businesses.


3 of the city’s coolest and popular bars and restaurants are owned by 4 members of Palm Springs High School’s class of 2002. Christine Soto, Matthew Kaner, Anthony Cioffi, and Patrick Service.


Dead or Alive owners Christine Soto, left, Matthew Kaner and Anthony Cioffi

I swore to never come back. I grew up here in the ’90s — post–spring break shutdown, so Palm Springs was dead to young people,”  Christine Soto said referring to regulations enacted in 1991, such as a ban on poolside drinking after 11 p.m., that essentially shut down tourism for the under-30s. “After I left for college was when Coachella got popular and the Ace Hotel opened.”

“The city of Palm Springs seems to be very pro-business, which is a great tool for people being able to open new businesses,” he adds. “I see Dead or Alive continuing to push boundaries in the wine
scene to elevate the everyday wines people are drinking and have access to. It’s been great to see importer and distributor friends finding ways to make their wines accessible to the Palm Springs area now that they realize there are more and more outlets to sell to.”said Matthew Kaner


Owner-bartender, Patrick – showing off all the great Italian liquors and fortified wines.

As they say in the music business “timing is everything” and Palm Spring’s millennial, Patrick Service operator of Appetito Deli said it best “I always knew I would be back, but not as early as I had. With everything that was happening in Palm Springs at the time, the timing felt right. I’m so glad I came when I did.”

Appetito has been a dream of mine for many years,” says Patrick Service, “I’ve watched the development of the “gastro-pub” concept throughout the country and have thought “gastro-deli” is a logical extension of this food and dining trend. And I think we’ve found the perfect location in south Palm Springs which will be great for the neighbors and for visitors from nearby hotels.”

The above Palm Spring entrepreneur millennial’s obviously did their research before returning to their hometown.

Are you a millennial dreaming about opening your own restaurant?

Your native land just might be the right location for your dream to come true.

Doing the right research before laying down roots is the best thing you can do to assure your success.

You may already have your roots planted right in your own backyard!

Need help figuring out if your hometown/city is the right place to locate your restaurant?

I can HELP!




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