Packaging Cookies Never Seemed This Hot!

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thelmas cookie warm

Packaging Cookies Never Seemed This Hot!

thelmas cooking box thelmas cookie box open

I talk a lot about standing out from your competition and this includes packaging!

Packaging plays an important roll in to today’s To-Go Food business.

In our fast paced world many  people are eating on the run, shopping on the run and it’s not going to slow down any time soon.

If you are opening or thinking about opening a food business you should be putting together a plan on what paper and delivery products you will be transporting your menu items in.

Think about your target audience and what it’s likely to find appealing.

How will it help you develop your strong visual brand?

Your package is your calling card, the statement you make to the world about what’s inside.

At the very least, you want your packaging to offer a clear indication of what the product is and how it’s different from similar products that are already on the market.

Thelma’s has definitely got it going on!

thelma cookie truck

You want the packaging to be consistent, this can help you decide on what material to use (glass, plastic, paper, metal, etc.), which colors to feature, and what shapes and sizes to consider.

There is an important balance between the visual appeal of the package—how good it looks—and its function.

While you’re in the decision stage, you need to figure out which materials will offer the most protection for your product and keep it fresh.

Thelma’s cardboard keeps the cookies warm, protects them and visually blows the competition out of the oven. 

What makes Thelma’s cookies even more appealing is its history! There actually is a Thelma and her recipe is still being used along with her resemblance on the packaging.

thelmas logo

the real thelma

thelmas in the sotre

Thelma’s is even in the supermarket in its home state of Des Moines, IA.

I’m sure this didn’t happen overnight!  The family business worked hard to perfect recipes and develop their ice cream sandwich product line.

Baking Cookies for a living is  a competitive business and to survive you have be consistent and have a better product or at least offer something others don’t. Branding and packaging can help you stand out.


I realize there may be a cost factor when you’re first starting out.  There are options and choices, largely dependent on budget. One suggestion is to use generic packaging rather than having something custom-designed.

Keep things simple try to be frugal utilize a generic container that you can somehow customize with a sticker or decal color so that you can make it your own brand. This will also help keep costs down because you can order in smaller quantities than with a custom run.


So, how do you know how much to budget for packaging?

You basically have to work backward. Decide how much profit you’d like to make from each item you sell, and go from there. Example say you want to make a 50% profit on a product that can sell for $20. That means it’ll cost you $10 to produce it. You can break that $10 up into the cost of ingredients, cost of labor and cost of packaging,” and don’t forget to budget for advertising, as well.

Keep in mind you don’t have to work with a professional packaging company. There are websites you can custom order items from in a variety of sizes and quantities that offer affordable options.

Packaging Cookies Never Seemed This Hot!

Now that you have seen what packaging can do to set you apart from the pack, what kind of ideas do you have for your your businesses?

Branding and marketing your food business helps build your reputation and it has to be part of your startup plan.

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