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Theme Creations

What Is It That Brings Guests Into Restaurants?

Creating a unique experience for the guests is one sure way to attract them.

With your assistance, I will create a one-of-a-kind, unique restaurant theme that uniqueness will attract customers.

A restaurant theme is a blend of food, atmosphere, and service. So how do you decide which restaurant theme is right for you?

That’s where I can be of help!

The Theme Plays A Major Role In Attracting Customers!

Uniquely themed restaurants tend to become destinations that generate plenty of word-of-mouth advertising if they have good food to back up the experience.

Starting Price

$1,500 +One-time
  • Branding: Logo, Menu Creation and Design

Restaurants that offer a unique theme stand a much better chance of getting customers excited about their food.

The combination of great food and a unique theme can convince customers to come back again and again.

Your theme choice can be traditional, trendy, edgy, or out of this world, but it must appeal to a large enough group of area customers for your restaurant to be successful.

It is certainly a significant undertaking to develop an incredible restaurant, and it requires a lot of commitment.

The rewards may be impressive, though, because it can turn your restaurant into a novelty or a tourist attraction.

A Great Example of a Unique Theme

theme restaurant

Eat, Drink, and Have Fun is Jimmy Buffett’s Idea of Paradise

Who knew the name of his hit song “Margaritaville” would turn into a successful restaurant chain!

Whether you want to start a fine dining restaurant like Ruth Chris, casual dining like Margaritaville, fast-casual like Five Guys, or fast food like In-n-Out your food and theme must work hand in hand to draw dining customers.

Your Theme Plays A Major Role In Attracting Customers!

I can teach you how to touch on enough elements to create a remarkable experience for your guests through a theme they will love!

In today’s restaurant environment, it’s now a necessity to have a unique theme.

If you want more information on choosing a theme go to my Startup Success Plan

graphic for how to create a restaurant theme

Step 4 Creating  An Entertaining Theme

It can be the very reason your target customers will not want to eat anywhere else.

Contact us TODAY and let’s get started on your unique THEME.

jeannette goldman wearing chef shirt

Jeannette Goldman

Your Coach

I’ve owned and worked at restaurants, catering facilities, music retail, and entertainment media companies. I come from an eclectic background of experiences. Those experiences have given me the opportunity to work with the public and develop knack for creating attractive themes that draw people in. I know what needs to be done to physically, psychologically and visually attract customers to restaurants. I will deliver a variety of ideas to the highest standards. I know the importance of getting across the tone and values of your restaurant.

There is significant evidence that many customers enjoy dining at a restaurant that matches their values and personalities. I can teach you how to discover your target customer that your restaurant theme is most like you are much closer to restaurant success!

Frequently Asked Questions

Outback Steakhouse, Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, Rainforest Cafe and The Stinking Rose

All businesses have a brand, a restaurant is no different. One of the efficient ways to drive more customers to your restaurant is creating an attractive and engaging theme.

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